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How To Solve The Seven Seas Mermaid Puzzle In Crow Country

Here's how to solve the Seven Seas Mermaid puzzle in Crow Country.
How To Solve The Seven Seas Mermaid Puzzle In Crow Country
(Picture: SFB Games)

There are lots of puzzles in Crow Country, and one of the ones you’ll need to solve to progress is the Seven Seas Mermaid puzzle. This puzzle requires you to interact with some treasure chests and mermaids while on the Seven Seas ride. Here’s your guide to solving the Seven Seas puzzle with the mermaids in the Ocean Kingdom area. 

How To Solve The Seven Seas Mermaid Puzzle

mermaid puzzle
The Mermaid Puzzle requires you to press the buttons on the treasure chests. (Picture: SFB Games)

Before solving this puzzle, it’s necessary to have obtained the Golden Key to unlock the Seven Seas ride area. You’ll also need to have asked Julie to help you with activating the Seven Seas ride,, and entered the boat. Then, you’ll end up in an area with the big whale blocking the way, and a treasure chest on each side of the boat. This is where you can solve the mermaid puzzle. 

Press the buttons on the treasure chest labelled ‘1’ until the first red circle turns green and the mermaid comes closer. Then, walk over to the treasure chest labelled “2” until the first circle turns green. The mermaid will rise up from the water. Since the mermaid is above the water and is close to you, you can walk up to it and reach inside. The first mermaid has nothing in it, but you’ll have better luck with some of the others. 

Follow the same process for each mermaid; make the second circle green on both treasure chests, then check the second mermaid, and so on. Here’s what’s inside each mermaid:

  • First mermaid: Fried battery

  • Second mermaid: Shotgun shells

  • Third mermaid: Large Battery (Required for story progression)

  • Fourth mermaid: Empty

All you really need from this area is the Large Battery, but you can also grab the Shotgun Shells if you feel so inclined. Once you’ve grabbed the dead battery from inside the third mermaid, turn to the switch on the wall behind you to unlock the door back into the ride operation area. Now you’ve completed the Seven Seas Mermaid Puzzle and earned the battery!