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How To Get The Secrets Map In Crow Country

You can unlock the Secrets Map in Crow Country if you know the code and where to get it.
How To Get The Secrets Map In Crow Country
(Picture: SFB Games)

There are many secrets to discover in Crow Country, most of which are associated with puzzles that you’ll need to complete to find them. The Secrets Map reveals all of the secrets in the game to you on the map, letting you know exactly where you’ll need to go to find the next secret. By following the right steps and learning the code, you can unlock the Secrets Map in Crow Country. Here’s how. 

How To Unlock The Map of Secrets In Crow Country

To unlock the Secrets Map in Crow’s Lounge, you’ll need to use a special code that you’ll find by completing a puzzle in Neptune’s Palace in Ocean Kingdom.

A soda machine on the wall in Neptune’s Palace is your ticket to getting the code for the Secrets Map. It's marked by a big question mark on your map, so you'll know exactly where to look.

On the opposite wall of the same room, you’ll find a tower of fruit with four different types of fruit on it, each one a different colour: grape, lime, pineapple, and strawberry. 

You’ll need to take note of those colours and then enter them in the soda machine in this order (the colours of the fruits, top to bottom):

  • Purple (Grape)

  • Green (Lime)

  • Yellow (Pineapple)

  • Red (Strawberry)

Once you’ve entered the code, the menu board next to it will flip over to reveal a chalkboard with a message on it. The message will give you the code for the Secrets Map: 8891!

Now, it’s time to enter the code to unlock the Secrets Map.

secrets map code crow country
The Secrets Map code can be found in Neptune's Palace in Ocean Kingdom. (Picture: SFB Games)

Where Is The Secrets Map? 

The map itself is found in Crow’s Lounge in the upper left part of the map, just outside of the Fairytale area. It’s in a case on one side of the room, with a pin pad. 

However, the puzzle to get the code is in Haunted Hills. 

secrets map crow country
The Secrets Map is in a locked case in Crow's Lounge. (Picture: SFB Games)

What Does The Secrets Map Do? 

The secrets map shows you the locations of all the secrets in Crow Country on your map. It also shows you which ones you’ve completed, and which ones you haven’t. Those that you’ve completed are marked with a checkmark, while those with ‘X’s have yet to be finished. 

There are a total of 15 secrets in Crow Country. You’ll get an achievement for completing all of them, and you'll also get a higher rank if you take the time to find more secrets, so be sure to grab the Secrets Map if you plan on getting all of the game's achievements or completing it 100%!

secrets map crow country
The Secrets Map lets you see which secrets you've unlocked, and the locations of those that you have yet to see or figure out. (Picture: SFB Games)