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Cyberpunk 2077
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How to find Jackie's Iconic pistol in Cyberpunk 2077

Jackie is V's partner-in-crime for the early portion of the game, and he rocks an Iconic pistol. Players can get their hands on it, and here's how.
How to find Jackie's Iconic pistol in Cyberpunk 2077

Anyone playing through Cyberpunk 2077 will have an affinity for Jackie Welles, the ex-Valentino member, who helps you navigate your way through your first steps into the big, bad world of Night City.

(Big bad SPOILER ALERT here)

How you meet him can change but in the short time you will know him, before his untimely demise at the end of The Heist prologue mission, Jackie makes a lasting impression. 

Part of that is his beautiful gold plated pistols, which he cooly duel wields, and which are one of the game's Iconic guns.

Jackies Iconic gold-plated pistols locations
(Picture: ESO)

Thankfully long after Jackie is gone his guns, and his motorbike live on and players can pick find and use both as they continue their journey in Night City. In this short guide, we will show you how you can get your hands on them.

How to get Jackie's Iconic gold-plated pistols

Now in the game, it is actually possible to get three of Jackie's Iconic pistols. Depending on your progress in the game you may have already missed the opportunity to get two of them.

We will first explore the quickest and easiest way to get two of them:

Note: To do this you will have had to complete "The Heist" prologue mission. If you have completed the mission and want the gun in your current playthrough skip to the second way to find the weapon.

  1. Immediately after The Heist mission, the Delamain cab that is taking you to meet Dexter Deshawn will offer you three options for where to send Jackie's body. When presented with these three options pick the SECOND one:
    "Take him home, to his family."
  2. You will now get a side quest called "Heroes".
  3. Jackie's mum, aptly named Mama Welles will not call you, pick it up or call her back. She will invite you to Jackie's funeral in Heywood, which is south of the location you start in.
  4. The funeral will take place at the "El Coyote Cojo" bar.

    El Coyote Cojo Bar Jackies Funeral
    (Picture: ESO)
  5. Head inside and say your piece for Jackie, speak to Mama Welles and she will offer you Jackie's Iconic motorbike.
  6. Head outside and then skip time for 24 hours.
  7. Head back in and head up to Jackie's altar where you will find both of Jackie's Iconic gold pistols. Pick 'em up there yours.

    Jackies Iconic pistols funeral
    (Picture: ESO)

Now you have Jackie's Iconic pistols you can check out their stats. Jackie was no idiot, this pistol is one of the best in the game especially once you upgraded it the twice to legendary quality. The Iconic effect reduces reload time and adds an extra mod slot. It also has a higher chance of applying Burn and Stun.

Jackies iconic pistol stats
(Picture: ESO)

Once you have upgraded the weapon to legendary and with the additional mod slot from the Iconic status you will have a total of four to fill. The pistol also allows you to attach a sight and muzzle.

The second way to potentially get Jackie's pistol is highly unconfirmed and, like much of this guide, comes courtesy of YouTuber ESO, who had two fans message claiming that the gun randomly dropped in front of them in the Watson area of Night City.

Watson map(Picture: ESO)

Again this is unconfirmed if you want to see a video of this and the previous method check out ESO's handy guide below.