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Journalist sent seizure-triggering videos after writing about suffering Cyberpunk 2077 seizures

The journalist wrote a guide on how to avoid epileptic seizures while playing Cyberpunk 2077, which resulted in some idiots sending her seizure-triggering videos.
Journalist sent seizure-triggering videos after writing about suffering Cyberpunk 2077 seizures

GameInformer's Associate Editor, Liana Ruppert, has recently reported on the risk of epileptic seizures when playing Cyberpunk 2077.

She wrote an article about Cyberpunk 2077 focused on people who suffer from this condition, including herself, and it was written in a form of a guide to help people to protect themselves from any potential triggers while playing the game.

"During my time with Cyberpunk 2077, I suffered one major seizure and felt several moments where I was close to another one," she explains. "I kept going because I made that decision to, and I feel like that decision helped me sort of slap together a small little guide for players wanting to take part in this game for fear of missing out."

cyberpunk 2077 lights seizures triggers
Shiny blinking lights are everywhere in the world of Cyberpunk 2077(Picture: CD Projekt RED) 

And while her intentions were completely noble and simply a warning to people who are vulnerable to epileptic seizures, some irresponsible trolls saw this as an attack on the game, and so they started attacking her on Twitter, saying that she is overreacting, that she doesn't need to play the game if she has problems, or that she is simply lying because she has something against the game.

You can see some of the comment she's been receiving below, and these are just some of the publicly visible tweets written in response to her article.

While these messages are surely not an appropriate response, unfortunately, those are far from the most malicious communications she has had in the wake of her article.

Ruppert has also been receiving deliberately seizure-inducing videos from people who are upset about the article.

This goes without saying, but we will say it anyway, this is WRONG and anyone who does such a thing should be ashamed. Seizures can gravely endanger someone's wellbeing and can be life-threatening.

It is unfortunate to see that some fans of the game are doing this, all because of an article that even wasn't criticising the game, but was only a warning to those that might need it.

Cyberpunk 2077, as the name suggests, is in the cyberpunk genre, which is characterized by an 80s retro-futuristic aesthetic, with a lot of neon lights, and with shiny things flashing and blinking almost everywhere around you.

cyberpunk 2077 braindance seizure trigger
Apparently, braindance mechanic is especially dangerous for people with seizure attacks (Picture: CD Projekt RED) 

Being aware of that, Liana simply wanted to help those people who suffer from the same issue as she to play the game safely, and she even likes the game and its world very much.

"This is an epileptic warning I'd like to offer to those Samurai heading into Night City. Enjoy your time, but here is a heads up to do so safely if you're vulnerable to epileptic triggers."

Speaking about videos that were being sent to her, she asks people to focus on the article and accessibility in video games, not on the trolls.

"Please stop sharing the part about people sending me videos. That sucks, it’s criminal, but now the entire conversation is about that and not on the whole reason I wrote the piece to help make gaming safer. Please keep the focus where it belongs: on accessibility."

If you are someone who's suffering from seizures, but you are really excited about Cyberpunk 2077 and worried if you should play the game because of your condition, we advise you to read Liana Ruppert's guide on how to avoid epileptic seizures in Cyberpunk 2077 and what can trigger them.

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