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Dark and Darker High Roller Mode, Explained

Dark and Darker's High-Rollers mode differs a bit from other dungeons, so here we'll explain the differences.
Dark and Darker High Roller Mode, Explained

There are multiple dungeons in Dark and Darker for explorers to venture into, and one of them is the Dark and Darker High-Roller mode, which was added during the third playtest. The High-Roller dungeons differ from the others, offering different loot and posing new challenges.

Whether you're new to Dark and Darker and you don't know what the High-Roller dungeon mode is or you're a player who has already found your footing looking for more information about this challenge, look no further. In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know about Dark and Darker's High-Roller mode.

7 June 2023 Update - We've updated this article with any changes to Dark and Darker's High-Roller dungeon mode.

high roller dungeons dark and darker
Dark and Darker's High-Roller dungeon presents a more challenging dungeon for those who want to face off against tougher enemies. (Picture: IRONMACE Games)

Dark and Darker High-Roller Mode Explained

Dark and Darker's High Roller mode is a more challenging mode intended for those who have already gotten good at the game and want to engage in more difficult encounters. In the High-Roller dungeon, you'll face off against stronger enemies that will fight more efficiently than those at lower levels. The other players in High-Roller dungeons are often more advanced players, too, so you'll have to watch out for them!

If you aren't ready to delve into the depths of a High-Roller dungeon, the gold cost might be a risk you're not willing to take. If you're not ready to test out the High-Roller dungeons, then run through some of the basic dungeons or the new solo dungeon, the Goblin Caves, to gather some better loot and prepare yourself.

Of course, facing off against more challenging enemies also means the ability to get better loot as a reward! In the High-Roller dungeons, you'll find Very Rare and Legendary loot without going down to the Basement Level 3.

Dark and Darker High-Roller Mode Fee

The High Roller mode is not only more challenging but riskier, asking players to pay a fee in gold before entering. The cost to enter the High Roller dungeon is 75 gold. This might seem costly, but it will be more than worth it if you happen to come out of the dungeon with some new Legendary loot on your hands!

That's all you need to know about Dark and Darker's High-Roller mode and how it works. The High-Roller dungeons are no doubt more challenging than the rest, but they're also the best opportunity in the game to get some amazing loot.