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When Is The Next Dark and Darker Wipe?

When is the next Dark and Darker server wipe happening?
When Is The Next Dark and Darker Wipe?

Throughout your time playing Dark and Darker, you'll have your characters go from zero to hero. By extracting from dungeons successfully, you can build a stronger loadout of weapons and armor helping you be even more potent in your next run. As a result, new players end up getting seriously outpaced by more established PvP opponents. Thankfully, Dark and Darker - much like Escape From Tarkov Wipes - has regular server wipes to ensure a level playing field.

When Is the Next Dark and Darker Server Wipe?

Patch 2 for Dark and Darker released on November 22, 2023. This major update included a full wipe of character levels, gold, items, and Triumph levels. All blue stone shards and shop cosmetic items are not wiped. 

The next wipe for Dark and Darker is likely at least a month (if not longer) away.

What Time Will the Dark and Darker Wipe Happen?

Although it's not confirmed and set in stone, Patch 2 and the next wipe will likely release in the evening GMT on November 22 (mid-afternoon in PT and ET), as that is when they have historically released previously.

We would imagine that everything will be communicated from the Ironmace team and when we have more information on when the next wipe is taking place we'll be sure to update this section. For now, the countdown clock gives a rough estimation of when we should expect the wipe to take place.

Next Dark and Darker Wipe

What Changes After A Dark and Darker Server Wipe

Server wipes traditionally involve a complete reset of your characters' progress and levels back to zero. In addition to this, all of their skills and abilities will return to default. Any gold you have been lost post-wipe. Objects such as weapons, armor, utility items, trinkets, and consumables will also be gone from all characters' inventories.

What Progress Is Reset After the Dark and Darker Server Wipe

The good news is you'll still keep some of your progression. You'll still have any of the Bluestone Shards you've earned as well as your tokens and character name. However, the Triumph Levels you've accumulated will be reset.

Dark and Darker Treasure Chest
All character levels, items, gold, and skills will be reset following a wipe.

All Dark and Darker Server Wipe Dates

Below is a list of all of the previous server wipes that have taken place before: 

Wipe 1 August 28, 2023
Wipe 2 September 26, 2023
Wipe 3 October 26, 2023
Wipe 4 November 22, 2023

Based on the table above, we can see that so far Dark and Darker has wiped the game roughly every 4 weeks, following the release of a substantial in-game update. Assuming Ironmace continues this cadence we can probably expect every major patch to release with a wipe.

Does Dark and Darker Have A Server Wipe Schedule

Initially, Ironmace planned to wipe servers at the start of each season, which were set to last three months each. However, developers at Ironmace have said this timeframe isn't set in stone and based on the length of time between previous wipes, it's more likely that wipes will be used whenever the developers deem it necessary with the release of a larger game update. For the time being though, the game doesn't have a set schedule in the same way that games like RUST or Escape From Tarkov do.