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Dark Souls Archthrones Silver Knight Captain Erdan Boss Fight Guide

Slay this glimmering captain with our comprehensive guide on locating and defeating the Silver Knight Captain Erdan boss in Dark Souls Archthrones.
Dark Souls Archthrones Silver Knight Captain Erdan Boss Fight Guide
FromSoftware / Archthrones Team

In the expansive world of Dark Souls Archthrones, there's no shortage of formidable bosses, and Silver Knight Captain Erdan is certainly one of the highlights. Encountered in the Archthrone of the Buried Giants, Erdan poses a significant challenge for players to overcome, although defeating him is not an insurmountable task. However, you may still find yourself struggling against his might.

If you're seeking assistance in besting this boss, from insights into his abilities to general combat strategies, we've got you covered. In this guide, we'll provide you with instructions on locating and defeating Silver Knight Captain Erdan in Dark Souls Archthrones.

Dark Souls Archthrones Silver Knight Captain Erdan Boss Fight Guide 

As previously mentioned, Silver Knight Captain Erdan, or just "Erdan" as we'll refer to him in this guide, is one of the four bosses you'll face in the Archthrone of the Buried Giants. To locate him, you can start from the Eleum Loyce of the Boreal Valley bonfire, then head through the main castle gates, and instead of heading left toward Janara and Kremmel, turn left and go through the gate. After which, you can run straight through the chamber until you reach Erdan's chamber.

Silver Knight Captain Erdan Boss location
Erdan can be found by traversing through the right side of Eleum Loyce and heading down into the burning buildings. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Erdan himself is a large humanoid enemy donning black armor and wielding a large greatsword. The boss sports two phases, and while they don't change his form very much, he does begin using fire abilities and becomes more aggressive during this phase. Thankfully, this boss is intended to be one of the easier ones in the area, so you shouldn't struggle too much against him as long as you're aware of his abilities, which we'll cover next.

Silver Knight Captain Erdan Phase 1 Abilities

  • Blade Combo: Erdan will use his greatsword to swing at you from left to right, and the combo can end in a thrust or slam with the sword.
  • Blade Rush: Erdan will rush forward toward you and either swing with his sword or perform a shoulder tackle and follow up with a sword swing.
  • Ground Slam: Erdan will slam his sword into the ground, and this attack can be woven into any of his other attacks or in between them, so be sure to watch for it.
  • Ricasso Stomp: Erdan will hold his blade horizontally, then stomp forward and slam the Ricasso (flat side) of the blade forward, which can stagger you if it hits you.
Silver Knight Captain Erdan Boss Phase 1 attacks
Below are the attacks that Erdan will use during Phase 1 of the fight. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Silver Knight Captain Erdan Phase 2 Abilities

*All previous phase moves apply here as well*

  • Flame Rampage: Erdan will slam his flaming sword into the ground repeatedly and end it off with a rush towards you with his sword, which happens very quickly and can catch you off guard quite easily.
  • Flame Combo: Erdan performs his regular combo, but this time with his flaming sword, and he can now weave any of the previous attacks like the slam or rush into this combo, making it far more deadly.
  • Flame Stab: Erdan will rush toward you with his blade and thrust it forward, which can easily knock you back if you take the stab.
Silver Knight Captain Erdan Boss Phase 2
After being worn down to half health, Erdan will transition into Phase 2 and use the attacks listed below. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Dark Souls Archthrones Silver Knight Captain Erdan Tips

Because both of Erdan's phases are essentially just fighting against him and there are no real changes to his physical form or additional weaponry added, you can deal with both phases in the same way. Essentially, you'll want to stay close to Erdan and dodge all of his attacks as they are quite easy to circle-strafe or dodge through.

However, what makes this fight hard is Erdan's speed and how hard he hits, especially with his Flame Rampage, which if you're caught in it, can easily shred your health bar if you're under-leveled for this fight.

Silver Knight Captain Erdan Boss General tips
For this fight, you'll want to stay close to Erdan to avoid his melee attacks and punish him when you have the chance to do so. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Now you can avoid these attacks if you're standing close to him, but in phase two, this will become considerably harder as he gets more aggressive and slightly faster, so be sure to keep a shield up if you're still learning his attacks.

Speaking of phase two, when you're dealing with his more aggressive form, a good tip is to wait for his large combos to end as he doesn't stagger easily and can easily begin an attack while you're hitting him with one. So instead, get in close, roll around him to avoid his attacks, and bait out larger ones like the Rampage or Ground Slam, then punish him accordingly.

Silver Knight Captain Erdan Boss Phase 2 tips
During phase 2, Erdan will be more aggressive, but you should still stay close to him and only back away when you need to heal. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

You can, of course, take your time to back away from the boss if you need to heal (since healing anywhere near him will trigger his A.I. to immediately rush you) and then reengage Erdan once you have regained any lost health. Other than that, this is a fairly straightforward fight, but it can trip you up if you get greedy or aren't paying attention.

Thankfully, you now have this guide which gives you a great guideline for approaching this boss, and while it may take some practice (like all the other bosses in this mod), following these tips and implementing them into your fighting style, you should be well-equipped to take down Silver Knight Captain Erdan in Dark Souls Archthrones.