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Dark Souls Archthrones Saint Klimit Boss Fight Guide

Lay this corrupted saint to rest with our guide on how to defeat the Saint Klimit boss in Dark Souls Archthrones.
Dark Souls Archthrones Saint Klimit Boss Fight Guide
FromSoftware / Archthrones Team

A prominent feature of the Dark Souls Archthrones mod for Dark Souls 3 is the inclusion of new and formidable bosses. Among these adversaries is Saint Klimit, a fresh addition to the game's boss roster encountered relatively early in your playthrough.

Whether you're eager to confront Saint Klimit or seeking strategies to defeat him beyond his fog gate, we've got you covered. In the following sections, we'll provide a comprehensive guide on overcoming the Saint Klimit boss in Dark Souls Archthrones.

Dark Souls Archthrones Saint Klimit Boss Fight Guide

Saint Klimt is one of the three bosses you can locate inside the grand cathedral of the Cathedral of the Deep area, which is the main area you'll explore inside the Archthrone of the Xanthous Scholar. The boss itself can be found quite easily once you reach the main cathedral, and both the Aldrich, Saint of the Deep, and Great Deep Accursed bosses can be accessed from here.

Dark Souls Archthrones Saint Klimit Location
The boss can be located in this candle-lit area, beyond the green/emerald door on the right side. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)

Once in the main cathedral, instead of turning right towards the throne, head straight across the room to the opposite side and through the doorway on your left. Take the elevator down, head straight, then take the staircase to the left, and run all the way across until you reach a candle-lit balcony on your right. The boss entrance will be on the right side of the room.

Now, Saint Klimt is a new fight designed for this game, and as such, he sports some new moves as well as two distinct phases. The first is against the saint himself with a large staff, then the second has him transform into a giant deformed creature that uses light and bleed damage, as well as physical attacks. Before discussing tips for beating the boss, let's first go over his move set.

Saint Klimt First Phase

Dark Souls Archthrones Saint Klimit Phase 1
Below are the attacks that the boss will use during the first phase of the fight. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)
  • Staff Combo: Saint Klimt will execute a staff swing combo that ranges between 3 to 5 swings, so as soon as he starts swinging, back away.
  • Staff Jab: Klimt raises his staff and jabs the back of it at the player 3 to 4 times in rapid succession.
  • Staff Dodge: Saint Klimt swings his staff as he jumps backward away from you.
  • Gnaw Attack: A magic attack that summons an insect swarm to feast on the player and inflict bleed damage.
  • Torso Swing: Klimt extends his torso dramatically and then swings his upper body and staff around himself at a distance, so staying close to his legs is advised.
  • Torso Spin: Klimt extends his torso dramatically, then begins spinning his staff in front of his upper body and runs towards the player to snag you in the spear's spinning blade.

Saint Klimt Second Phase

Dark Souls Archthrones Saint Klimit Second phase
Once the boss is reduced to 50% or less of its health it will enter phase two and use the moves described below. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)
  • Ground Slam: Klimt's body will slam its arms onto the ground, dealing high damage if you're near it.
  • Body Stab(s): Klimt's appendages on the side of his body will flail around, damaging anything they touch.
  • Bleed Pool: Klimt will extrude a pool of bleed liquid on the ground around it that quickly builds up the bleed effect, eventually inflicting Blood Loss.
  • Bleed Rain: Klimt rains down balls of dark bleed energy that explode upon contact.
  • Bleed Explosion: Klimt will channel energy, then cause an explosion of bleed energy that can knock you down.
  • Spears of Light: Klimt will summon spears of light that either rain down on you (with some tracking) or spawn around Klimt and slowly fly toward you.

What makes this fight tricky is that each phase is distinctly different and requires a different approach. During the first phase, you'll want to stay close to Klimt and dodge around his spear combos and stab attacks while dealing damage in between. His torso extensions can't reach you if you stay near his lower body, so staying near him here, dealing damage, and backing away if and when need be will get you through this part of the fight fairly easily.

Dark Souls Archthrones Saint Klimit General tips
The boss can be fairly easy to deal with in phase one, but once it reaches phase two, you will need to use a more measured approach. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)

The second phase is a bit more tricky since the boss is so big, that staying near him will limit your field of vision, making you susceptible to his raindown attacks, as well as his Bleed Pool, Explosion since you're too near to dodge them. So what you'll want to do is keep your distance while you bait out his ground slams and rain attacks, and as they go off, close in to deal damage.

You can also stay to the side of his body, which will help you dodge the frontal ground slams, but be mindful of the ground bleed since you're so close to his main body. You should also try to keep your lock-on somewhat loose and switch between the main body and Klimt, allowing you to watch for his telegraphs, which will help you know when a spear of light or bleed rain attack is coming.

Dark Souls Archthrones Saint Klimit Weaknesses
The boss is also weak to staggering in phase one and should be used to your advantage to push him quickly into phase one. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)

So there you have it: stay close in phase one, and adopt a more back-away-and-come-back method for phase two, and before long, Saint Klimt will fall. Once defeated, you can continue to defeat the bosses of this Archthrone and then move on to the rest of the powerful ones waiting for you in Dark Souls Archthrones.