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Dark Souls Archthrones: How To Find Warden Jessa And Sir Florian Summon Signs

Obtain the power of Lord Quella and defeat her champions as we show yo how to find the summon signs for Sir Florian and Warden Jessa in Dark Souls Archthrones.
Dark Souls Archthrones: How To Find Warden Jessa And Sir Florian Summon Signs
FromSoftware / Archthrones Team

The world of Dark Souls Archthrones is rich with hidden content and secrets waiting to be uncovered, and one such enigma lies within the Archthrone of the Old Gods known as Quella's Chamber. Although this room may seem straightforward at first glance, it harbors more than meets the eye. To access its depths, you'll need to locate the summon signs of both Warden Jessa and Sir Florian.

If you've stumbled upon this chamber and dismissed it as a dead end, you're in for a pleasant surprise, as we have all the information you need to unveil its true mysteries. Below, we'll guide you through locating both Warden Jessa's and Sir Florian's summon signs, unlocking the secrets of Quella's Chamber in Dark Souls Archthrones.

Dark Souls Archthrones Warden Jess And Sir Florian Summon Sign Guide Uses
Finding the summon signs and defeating Florian and Jessa will give you access to the boss mechanics granted by Quella. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)

Dark Souls Archthrones Quella's Chamber Guide

Before delving into the specifics of locating the summon signs for Sir Florian of the Blue Sentinels and Warden Jessa of the Pit of Sinners, it's essential to understand their significance to Quella's Chamber. Essentially, Quella's Chamber serves as a platform for interaction with Quella, who bestows two crucial abilities upon you. The first allows you to "Rediscover Great Souls," enabling the purchase of souls from previously defeated bosses in exchange for Tokens of Victory.

The second ability provided by Quella enables you to re-engage with bosses you've already vanquished, yielding substantial souls and Tokens. With this understanding of Quella's chamber, let's proceed to detail the steps for locating each summon sign and the subsequent process to unlock Quella's abilities.

How To Find Sir Florian of the Blue Sentinels Summon Sign

Dark Souls Archthrones Sir Florian Summon Sign Location
Sir Florian's Summon Sign is located in the central tower in Phoenix Tower Irithyll behind a church pew. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)

Sir Florian's summon sign is situated within the central tower of Phoenix Tower Irithyll and can be accessed from any nearby bonfires, though the most convenient route starts from the main Phoenix Tower Irithyll bonfire. Ascend the stairs past the formidable knights and Heide Knights, then proceed straight across the dilapidated bridge to the main tower. The summon sign rests at the rear of the chamber, concealed behind one of the church pews. Upon interaction, you'll be called upon by Florian to assist in battling an invader.

How To Find Warden Jessa of the Pit of Sinners' Summon Sign

Dark Souls Archthrones Warden Jessa Summon Sign Location
Warden Jessa's Summon sign is in the small library next to Qualla's Chamber entrance. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)

Warden Jessa's summon sign awaits discovery within Quella's Chamber itself. Therefore, it's advisable to commence your journey from the Quella's Chamber bonfire. Exiting the bonfire room, veer left rather than heading straight out, entering a room housing a staircase leading outside. Positioned on the right-hand side of this space, opposite the painting on the staircase, you'll find Warden Jessa's summon sign. As with Sir Florian's sign, engaging it will prompt you to confront an invader alongside Warden Jessa.

Now that you've successfully located both summon signs and, hopefully, triumphed over the invaders, you can progress to the subsequent step required to unlock Quella's abilities. Return to Quella's chamber after resting at a bonfire to reset the surroundings, where you'll find both Florian and Jessa standing alongside her. Interacting with Florian will grant you the "sleep" gesture.

Dark Souls Archthrones Warden Jessa And Sir Florian Summon Sign Usage
Once the summon signs are found you can now fight Jessa and Florian to obtain the powers of Quella's Chamber. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)

Execute this gesture in front of Quella to be transported into a boss battle against both Florian and Jessa. Should you require assistance in overcoming them, refer to our Warden Jessa and Sir Florian boss guide. Upon emerging victorious, you'll regain consciousness in the living realm, now endowed with full access to Quella's abilities: purchasing boss souls and revisiting previously defeated bosses.

In conclusion, you now possess a comprehensive guide on locating the summon signs for Warden Jessa and Sir Florian, whose defeat unlocks the abilities of Quella's Chamber. For further updates, guides, and more, explore our dedicated Dark Souls Archthrones section.