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Warner accidentally confirms Multiversus by striking YouTube leaks

The company is looking to capitalise on the Smash Bros craze by bringing its own unique crossover to the table.
Warner accidentally confirms Multiversus by striking YouTube leaks

It seems Warner Bros has all but confirmed the rumoured platform fighter Multiversus, which will pit the entertainment conglomerate's most iconic characters against one another in a crossover to rival Smash Bros Ultimate. 

While industry insiders have been mentioning the existence of Multiversus for the past few days, the biggest tell came via Smash Melee pro and content creator Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma, who allegedly has a source that's been leaking information about the upcoming platform fighter.

As mentioned by Hbox, the game would function on a free-to-play format, with DLC serving as monetisation for Multiversus, with characters such as Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman, Rick Sánchez, Gandalf, Bugs Bunny, and more, confirmed via a screenshot of the character select screen.

Hungrybox made a video about these leaks, which was uploaded to his channel on 27th October. It was only a matter of minutes before the Warner Bros legal team took action against Hbox, taking down his video under "copyright grounds."

Warner Bros has all but confirmed Multiversus. (Picture: YouTube/Hungrybox)

As we've mentioned, if the free-to-play format is confirmed, rumours have been circulating that we could potentially see NBA star Lebron James, in his Space Jam role, take part in Multiversus, which would add a sense of excitement to further character reveals, with Warner aiming to emulate Smash's larger-than-life announcements.

As always, we'll keep you updated as more information regarding Multiversus surfaces.


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Featured image courtesy of Warner Bros/DC Comics.