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How Do Skill Trees Work In Gotham Knights?

With our guide on how skill trees work in Gotham Knights, you can create your own Dark Knight with the abilities you want.
How Do Skill Trees Work In Gotham Knights?

We're finally getting more news on the gameplay and mechanics we expect to see in WB Montreal's upcoming title, Gotham Knights. During a recent IGN first, the Gotham Knights skill tree details have been revealed, and if you want to know how it works, then you're in the right place. 

We will break down everything you need to know about the new skill trees you'll progress through as you play Gotham Knights and how they work in detail. So without further delay, let's jump right in.

How Skill Trees Work in Gotham Knights

According to the developers, the new skill tree is essential in allowing players to create their own new Dark Knight rather than simply succeeding Batman after his death.

As such, the new Gotham Knights skill tree will make it simple and efficient for players to level up their characters while playing the game while also adding a special skill tree that we will discuss later.

The new Players will gain XP points simply by playing the game; after a while, the XP points will allow them to level up, and when they level up, they will be rewarded with new ability points. This lets players use their ability points to improve their characters' skills.

For instance, Batgirl can specialize in 1 on 1 melee combat, hacking, and survivability. Nightwing specializes in acrobatics and can provide co-op buffs, and Robin can specialize in stealth or technology. 

How do Skill Trees Work in Gotham Knights Skill tree for each character
Each character in Gotham Knights has their own skill tree that emphasizes their unique skillset. (Picture: IGN / WB Montreal)

Red Hood can specialize in Marksmanship, which allows him to deal damage from a distance, or in Brawler abilities, which could lead to him having the best grab and throw mechanics later on. While this is a simple set of mechanics to follow, Gotham Knights have added a new skill tree for each hero called the Knighthood skill tree. 

Knighthood is available to all characters and represents a self-actualization moment in which your hero has figured out how to become their own Dark Knight, rather than just a new Batman. It will start to unlock after a certain point in the story, but each character must complete a set of unique challenges to begin earning the abilities within.

According to game director Geoff Ellenor, "Unlocking the Knighthood tree gives you a couple of things. It unlocks the hero traversal for that hero. So if you're Batgirl, suddenly you can glide. It unlocks your ultimate ability – for Batgirl, that's the drone – and it unlocks the Knighthood ability tree where you can start adding additional, very powerful mechanics to your hero that is otherwise unavailable to you until that point in the story."

Once you've unlocked Knighthood for one character, you won't need to repeat the story beats for the other heroes to gain access to that progression. Still, you will need to complete the challenges associated with that hero's additional abilities. Knighthood is a genuinely intriguing narrative and mechanic combination, using traditional RPG ideas to help tell the story of Gotham Knight's burgeoning heroes.

How do Skill Trees Work in Gotham Knights Knighthood skill tree and variation
Gotham Knights features a Knighthood skill tree for each of the Knights as well, giving you variety to create your own unique character build. (Picture: WB Montreal)

The goal of these trees isn't just to add RPG mechanics to an action game but to provide a genuine sense that your heroes are growing, learning, and changing throughout Gotham Knights' story. As a player, you'll be asked to help create your versions of those heroes - and the team doesn't want you to be able to fill out an entire skill tree on your first playthrough, so choose wisely.

Due to the variety of skill tree options available and the different characters you can play, Gotham Knights encourages players to invest in their skill tree choices wisely. But they will be rewarded for doing so, as each character will become a Gotham Knight worthy of the title when invested in it. 

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Featured image courtesy of WB Montreal.