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Disney Dreamlight Valley Beginner's Guide - Top Tips You Need To Know

Here's our beginners guide on the five top Tips that You Need To Know when getting started in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Beginner's Guide - Top Tips You Need To Know

If you've just gotten into the Disney-themed life-sim experience that is Disney Dreamlight Valley, then you might be overwhelmed with the many activities and tasks you can do from the get-go. And if you're wondering what you should do first, or just want some guidance through your journey as a beginner, then this guide is for you.

Below we have for you, a comprehensive guide on the top tips you need to know when starting in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Guiding you through as a beginner to the game and helping you excel in your journey through Dreamlight Valley. 

Best Disney Dreamlight Valley Beginner's Tips

Disney Dreamlight Valley Beginner's Guide Top Tips You Need To Know Following these tips as a beginner to set you up for the game
By following the tips provided below, you'll set yourself up for success in Disney Dreamlight Valley. (Picture: Disney)

Once you hit start and enter Dreamlight valley, there will be plenty for you to do. From fishing with Goofy to cooking and upgrading your home. But as you go through the game there are a few things you need to keep in mind that will help make things a lot easier. 

To that end, below you can find the five top tops that you need to know when starting in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

1. Inventory Management

Disney Dreamlight Valley Beginner's Guide Top Tips You Need To Know manage your inventory using chests to make things easier
Manage your inventory using chests to make item storage and usage easier. (Picture: YouTube / TagBackTV)

Like any other life-sim game, managing your inventory in Disney Dreamlight valley is crucial to making your life easier and becoming a more efficient player. The best way to manage your items and your inventory is by using chests. 

These can be first created when you head to the workbench near Goofy's home. They are fairly inexpensive to craft, requiring only 25 Softwood and 25 Stone to create a single chest. And once you have as many chests as you need, you can use them to organize your items in different chests and have easy access to them without having to ruffle through a cluttered inventory. 

2. Character Leveling and Bonuses

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the various characters are capable of much more than just being adorable and giving you tasks to complete. Each character you make friends with can be given a specific skill, like gardening or fishing, and when you accompany them to complete these tasks, their level of the given skill rises.

When your friend helps you with these tasks, you gain more bonuses the higher their skill level is in that area. So, for instance, raising Walle's gardening skill level will result in more bonus items being awarded to you as you harvest fruits and vegetables from your garden.

3. Customization of the world around you

Disney Dreamlight Valley Beginner's Guide Top Tips You Need To Know moving the items around to customize your world
You can customize the world around you by moving items around for ease of access as things get busier. (Picture: YouTube / TagBackTV)

Disney Dreamlight Valley gives you the ability to customize pretty much anything around you. When you're in the inventory menu and select the Furniture button while outside, you can click the button you've assigned to close the menu, and begin picking up and rearranging any of the items in the world around you, from flower beds, lights, fences, and even entire houses. 

You can also pick up world items and place them into your inventory to put them somewhere else later (except for large items like houses). This gives you the freedom to change the look and layout of almost any area in Dreamlight valley and place things more efficiently, such as moving all your gardens to one area or just making the place feel like your own. 

4. Upgrading tools

As you venture through Dreamlight Valley you'll come across objects such as tree stumps and hard coral on the beaches that you'll find you can't remove. That's because these require your tools to be upgraded, the Shovel for hard tree stumps and the Pickaxe for the sturdy Coral at the beach. 

To upgrade these tools (and others in your arsenal) you'll need to unlock the different areas around Dreamlight valley and complete the tasks for the different characters there. The Shovel upgrade is done when unlocking the Forest of Valor and completing the main questline of the area. 

To unlock the Pickaxe upgrade, you'll need to unlock Maui and Moana and do their main quests as well. Once you have the upgraded tools, you can mine through these objects and get tons of new and valuable resources, so make upgrading your tools a priority. 

5. Selling items and building up your wealth

The last tip we have is to unlock all of Goofy's stalls as soon as possible to sell him any of the items that you have in abundance as you go about the game. Not only does selling your items to Goofy free up those limited slots, but he also pays you in Star Coins, the in-game money used for constructing better structures and buying more useful and purely decorative items. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Beginner's Guide Top Tips You Need To Know Selling to goofy for wealth
You can gain tons of money and clear out your clutter by selling unused items to Goofy. (Picture: YouTube / TagBackTV)

Make sure to strike a balance between selling everything and holding back some supplies in case you face difficulties in the future. A quick selling tip is to sell items that replenish quickly, like stone, apples, and raspberries, if you're short on cash. Don't be hasty in getting rid of them since rarer ingredients and items, like hardwood and iron ore, can't be found as easily. 

Gems are among the best items to sell because they yield the highest price, but they can also be given to friends and used in some quests. And with that, we come to a close on our top 5 tips you need to know as a beginner to Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

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Featured image courtesy of Disney/Gameloft.