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Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes (December 2023): How To Redeem Free Stuff

We've got all the active Disney Dreamlight Valley codes you need and details on how to redeem them for free items.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes (December 2023): How To Redeem Free Stuff
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For players that have explored every inch of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you may have noticed that the game does feature the option to redeem codes in one of its menus. But then you might be asking, what Disney Dreamlight Valley codes are available, and what rewards are up for grabs? Well, you won't have to wonder for much longer, as below we aim to answer all these questions regarding the Disney Dreamlight Valley redemption codes. So without further delay, let's jump right in.

December 22, 2023 - New codes have been revealed as part of the Season of Giving event. All the most recent and active codes can be found just below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023-12-04 15-57-51

Active Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes

Just below is a list of all active Disney Dreamlight Valley codes.

NOTE: All codes must be entered in all caps and include any dashes to be redeemed.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Redemption Code Rewards
Painted Table, Vine Flower Lamp, Snowy Festive Window, Telescope
20x Snowy Brick Road with Border, Haughty Snowman, Snow Kid, Snow Lady, Snow Hut
Wrapping Paper
Marble Fireplace, Marble Coffee Table, Ornate Couch, 5x Hot Cocoa
SGMULTIPLAYER Pixelized Cooking Flame & Glitchy Pixel Duplicate
500x Moonstone
PRIDE20231 Gleam Tee
PRIDE20232 Illuminate Tee
PRIDE20233 Shine Tee
PRIDE20234 Shimmer Tee
PRIDE20235 Glow Tee
PRIDE20236 Radiate Tee
PRIDE20237 Bright Tee
PRIDE20238 Dazzle Tee
PIXL Air Hockey Table, Game Machine, Coin-op Game

All Expired Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes

Just below you'll find a list of all Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes which have now expired and no longer work anymore.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Code Reward
CENTENNIAL Melting Platinum Minnie Ears
FOFGLITTER 150 Moonstones
FOFTROPHY 150 Moonstones
FOFSOUVENIR 5x Gold Ingots, 5x Iron Ingots, 5x Tinkering Parts
FOFSUCCESS 8x Pumpkins
FOFLOGEMS 3x Diamonds, 3x Rubies, and 3x Sapphires
FOFLOSHARD 5x Dream Shards and 5x Night Shards
FOFSURPRISEKIT 15x Snowballs, 15x Hardwood, and 15x Glass
FOFCRAFTYKIT 5x Clay, 5x Fabric, and 5x Cotton
FOFCATCHDAY 5x Kingfish, 5x Fugu, and 5x Anglerfish

How To Redeem Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes

Below you can find the quick steps you need to follow to redeem any redemption codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • By pressing the following button on your platform of choice, you can access the "Settings" menu:

    • PC: "Esc".

    • "+" for Nintendo Switch.

    • "Start" on your Xbox or PlayStation.

  • Navigate to the 'Help' submenu on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • Once there, you'll notice a box labeled 'Redemption code,' and you'll likely need to enter any future codes here.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes Redemption

That's everything you need to know about the Disney Dreamlight Valley Redeem codes. Be sure to check back here soon for more details on the codes as they are released. 

For more on the game, check out our section dedicated to Disney Dreamlight Valley news, guides, features, and more.