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Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes (March 2023): How To Redeem Free Stuff

Here's everything you need to know about the redeem codes for Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to use them.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes (March 2023): How To Redeem Free Stuff

For players that have explored every inch of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you may have noticed that the game does feature the option to redeem codes in one of its menus. But then you might be asking, what are the redeem codes available in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and what rewards are up for grabs? 

Well, you won't have to wonder for much longer, as below we aim to answer all these questions regarding the Disney Dreamlight Valley Redeem codes. So without further delay, let's jump right in.

17 March 2023 Update - We've checked for the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes. All the most recent and active codes can be found just below.

Latest News

January 25 - New 2023 Roadmap, More Codes Incoming?

Gameloft has revealed the Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023 Roadmap for the game.

Although we're still trying to work out what the Golden Potato does in the game, there's certainly the potential for more DDV codes to arrive with the upcoming updates. 

December 12 - No new codes, and still no Golden Potato update

Players still have no idea what they're meant to do with this golden potato.

Likewise, the official Discord hasn't released any new images, so there have been no more code-hunting shenanigans to keep players occupied.

Will the team share anything before the new year starts? We sure hope so.

December 5 - Are New Dreamlight Valley codes coming this week?

The new Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story update arrives this week. Could we also get with it some new codes?

Fingers crossed!

November 28 - Golden Potato Code May Not Be Working...

According to the Community Manager for Disney Dreamlight Valley, some players might be having some trouble claiming the golden potato with the below code.

Thankfully, it sounds as though the dev team is working to resolve this issue sometime soon:

"At this time, some players maybe be unable to claim the code," Rachel_GL wrote on Discord. "That said, we are looking into resolving this as soon as possible."

November 27 - The First Dreamlight Valley Code Is Here!

The first Disney Dreamlight Valley Code is now live, and it rewards players with a Golden Potato.

If you're a little confused, don't worry you won't be the only person. Thankfully we have a guide that explains everything you need to know surrounding this mysterious new in-game easter egg. Just follow the link!

All Working Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes

  • GPOT-OATO-LDFS-ENNM - Redeem for the Golden Potato item

All codes must be written in caps and include the dashes in order to redeem.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes rewards and more
There will likely be tons of exclusive content to gain once Disney Dreamlight Valley adds more codes to the game. (Picture: Disney)

Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes Explained

As mentioned previously, there is an option to redeem codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, according to the game's menu - but prior to the release of the golden potato, there were no available codes to use.

They will likely be included in later versions/updates of the game as the game expands its already vast amount of content. 

Right now, it looks like codes will be released as small easter eggs for players to uncover, at least judging from the way players had to uncover the first code as part of an easter egg from an official post back in October. 

The specifics of what future codes will redeem are unknown, but it could be anything. Most likely they will offer Star Coins (the main in-game currency) or Moonstones (used for the Star Path). But we might even see codes to redeem furniture to decorate your home with or clothing to change your appearance and show off your style.

These codes may also provide you with some other useful items for construction, farming, and making changes to your Valley home. Though this is all speculative at the moment, it stands to reason that different types of rewards could be available for players to claim using the codes.

How To Redeem Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes

While there are no codes to claim at the time of writing, we can tell you where to look if Gameloft provides us with any in the future. Below you can find the quick steps you need to follow to redeem any of the soon-to-come Disney Dreamlight Valley codes:

  • By pressing the following button on your platform of choice, you can access the "Settings" menu:

    • PC: "Esc".

    • "+" for Nintendo Switch.

    • "Start" on your Xbox or PlayStation.

  • Navigate to the 'Help' submenu on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • Once there, you'll notice a box labeled 'Redemption code,' and you'll likely need to enter any future codes here.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes how to redeem
Redeeming codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be simply done through the main menu. (Picture: YouTube / TagBackTV)

That's everything you need to know about the Disney Dreamlight Valley Redeem codes. Be sure to check back here soon for more details on the codes as they are released. 

For more on the game, check out our section dedicated to Disney Dreamlight Valley news, guides, features, and more.

Featured image courtesy of Disney/Gameloft.