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Disney Dreamlight Valley - How To Import Your Avatar

Here's how you can import your already created avatar into Disney's Dreamlight Valley after making use of the designer tools.
Disney Dreamlight Valley - How To Import Your Avatar

With the recent release of Disney's Dreamlight Valley, Disney has given players their own sense of individuality by using a free avatar designer tool and then porting that avatar over into the main game. But this process can be unclear to most players and you might resign yourself to starting your character creation from scratch. 

Luckily, we have put together this comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to walk you through this porting process and quickly get going with the character you've worked so hard to create. So without any delay, let's jump right in. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley - How To Import Your Avatar

Once you've created your avatar using the free avatar designer tool, you'll now want to import it over into the main Disney Dreamlight valley game. To begin this process, you first need to copy the avatar code from the avatar designer tool.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Import Your Avatar Head to settings and copy avatar Code
To port over your avatar, you'll need to copy the Avatar code found in the design tool. (Picture: Disney)

This code can be found in the avatar designer's main menu, you will then see the option to "show Avatar Code", which will reveal the 10-character code you need. Next up, when you first access Disney Dreamlight Valley, go to "Settings" and look for the option to Import Avatar. Simply paste or type in your code, and your avatar will be added immediately.

The process is technically as easy as that, though there are a few things you need to keep in mind that could trip you up along the way. We have listed all these potential scenarios below

  • If you don't use the code within 24 hours, you'll have to generate a new one in the Avatar Designer Tool.
  • The code will import the most recently used Avatar settings and outfits. Before you generate that code, double-check what you're wearing.
  • You can only import a character using an Avatar Code once, so double-check just to be safe.

But don't worry too much. Almost immediately after starting Dreamlight Valley, you can change your character's appearance, including details like hairstyles, features, and skin color. You can change your clothing as well, but you will be limited to what is in your inventory, which will not include all of the many options from character creation.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - How To Import Your Avatar consider layering to bring more items with you
Consider layering up to bring as many items with you as possible when porting over your avatar. (Picture: Disney)

A great tip when starting is to layer up your clothes. Adding those extra backpacks, jackets, pants, etc doesn't hurt since you can just unequip them once you're in-game, and save them for later if you decide you need a change of attire. 

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Featured image courtesy of Disney.