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Fastest Way To Get Dreamlight In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight is one of the most valuable currencies in the entirety of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here's our guide on how to maximize your Dreamlight acquisition!
Fastest Way To Get Dreamlight In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight is not only a valuable currency in Disney Dreamlight Valley but also essential for unlocking new areas and continuing forward into later stages in the game. Unfortunately, it takes quite a long time to farm high amounts of Dreamlight, so it can take a while to acquire a surplus. 

So, if you are interested in the best ways to acquire Dreamlight, check out our guide below. 

How To Get & Use Dreamlight in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Duties
Completing Dreamlight Duties is the quickest way to obtain Dreamlight (Picture: Disney / Gameloft)

The best part of Disney Dreamlight Valley is exploring the new Realms of some of your favorite Disney movies. However, in order to do this, players will need to spend either Star Coins or Dreamlight in order to unlock these new worlds and explore new areas. 

So, if you are trying your hardest to reach the fanciful world of your favorite animated film, check out how to quickly acquire lots of Dreamlight!

Best Way To Get Dreamlight

The quickest way to get more Dreamlight is to complete your Dreamlight Duties. These are select missions such "Feed a Critter" or "Harvest 3 Fruit," each of which will reward players with a specific amount of Dreamlight. There will always be six missions available to complete at any one time.

It is important to complete these missions even though the rewards are minuscule, as the currency will steadily add up over time. 

Other Ways To Get


Dream Shards
You can also acquire Dreamlight using Dream Shards (Picture: Disney / Gameloft)

If you make your way to the Dreamlight tab on the menu screen, there are several milestones that can be completed over time, each of which will reward the player with small amounts of Dreamlight. 

Unlike the Dreamlight duties, these will take a lot longer to complete and include missions such as catching 50 fish. It is not advised to dedicate time to completing each individual milestone, as you will likely complete them just by playing the game. 

Alternatively, Dreamlight can be crafted by using Dream shards. At any crafting bench, 10 Dream Shards can be used to create 250 Dreamlight. That being said, Dream Shards are incredibly rare, and you may want to think twice about disenchanting them. 

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Featured image courtesy of Disney / Gameloft.