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Disney Dreamlight Valley - How to Find All of Bonnie's Drawings

In this guide, we'll show you how to find all of Bonnie's drawings easily in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Disney Dreamlight Valley - How to Find All of Bonnie's Drawings

The new realm revealed in the Disney Dreamlight Valley update is the iconic world of Toy Story, introducing us to the new characters Buzz Lightyear and Woody, as well as a new Realm Quest to complete. As part of the Toy Story Realm quest, players must take four pictures of Bonnies drawings. 

If you're struggling to locate all of them and need a quick guide, then you're in the right place. Below, we'll walk you through how to find all of Bonnie's drawings in the new Toy Story Realm of Disney Drealight Valley. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley - How to Find All of Bonnie's Drawings

The walls of Bonnie's room in Disney Dreamlight Valley's Toy Story Realm are covered in several of her drawings. However, taking pictures of just any of them won't let you complete the quest, as you need to take pictures of paintings on colored construction paper with gold stars only to complete the quest. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Find All of Bonnie's Drawings specific drawings locations
There are four specific drawings that you'll need pictures of as we've outlined below. (Picture: YouTube / Quick Tips)

Below are the locations of these specially marked drawings in the Toy Story Realm:

  • Drawing of a house with a fence - Investigate the little white shelf to the left of the bed. The drawing is posted on the back of it, hidden by a stack of books and a toy train.
  • An Elephant and a penguin - Head under the table and toward the racetrack opposite the wall from where the first drawing was. One section of the tracks will be balanced on a box atop a stack of books. The drawing can be found above this section of the racetrack.
  • Green and brown lines net to a bottle of glue - On the floor to the right of Bonnie's bed, which is the side opposite the white closet where players discovered the first drawing, is where they can find this one. It will be next to the nightstand and the white closet.
  • The Elephant and penguin standing in front of a house - On the left wall inside the bedroom closet will be where you'll find the last drawing. Right next to the location of the third drawing mentioned previously is where the closet is.
Disney Dreamlight Valley take All of Bonnie's Drawings to Buzz and Woody
After snapping a picture of all the drawings, take them back to Buzz and Woody to progress further in the quest. (Picture: YouTube / Quick Tips)

To advance in the quest, return to Woody and Buzz after taking pictures of each image, and you'll be all set. Check out our guides for other topics as well if you need assistance with other aspects of the quest, such as assisting Buzz in finding his batteries or the racecar track pieces.