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How To Find Dandelions in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Below you can find our full guide on how to find Dandelions in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How To Find Dandelions in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you traverse the bustling world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll likely come across many kinds of flowers that can be used for various things, such as decorating and trading. One of these flowers is the Dandelion, an extremely popular flower even in the real world. 

So in this guide, we'll show you how to find the Dandelion when playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. We will also be giving you some useful advice on what you can do with the flower once you have it. 

How To Find Dandelions in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dandelions are one of the flowers that you can find almost immediately when starting the game, as they spawn exclusively in the Plaza, along with some other flowers that you may want to pick up. So before leaving this area and making your way to the Peaceful Meadow, be sure to pick up as many dandelions as you can for later.

How To Find Dandelions In Disney Dreamlight Valley Location Plaza
You can find Dandelions in the Plaza area. (Picture: YouTube / N00bski Gaming)

Thankfully, because dandelions are taller flowers that only come in bright yellow only, they are extremely easy to spot when farming for them. No other flowers in the area are yellow either, so if you see any yellow foliage in the Plaza area, it's almost certainly a dandelion. 

If you're struggling to find any dandelions in the area, or you've picked them all, and they haven't spawned back, then all you need to do is keep picking flowers to create some space for the dandelions to respawn. Keep doing this until you have enough dandelions in your inventory for what you want to do with them later. 

If you're unaware of what to do with flowers like dandelions once you've collected tons of them, then we have you covered below. 

What Are Dandelions Used For In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The dandelion is used to decorate your home with flower plants to make some fantastic arrangements and provide some color to your living areas, as is the case with most flowers in the game. Alternatively, you can present them to certain characters as gifts to advance your friendship with them or sell them at Goofy's stall for 23 Star Coins.

How To Find Dandelions In Disney Dreamlight Valley Uses
Dandelions can be traded to increase friendship levels, decorate homes, or sold for Star Coins. (Picture: YouTube / N00bski Gaming)

Given that increasing your friendship levels with specific characters can get you bonuses when they assist you with particular activities around the valley, this is likely the most advantageous use of flowers in the game. For instance, Goofy's fishing skills will improve as your friendship with him progresses, and you'll receive more fish and goodies when you go fishing with him.