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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Stitch

In this guide, we'll show you how to unlock Stitch in the new update of Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Stitch

The new Disney Draemlight Valley update has brought with it new missions, a new Realm, and of course new characters, namely, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and to everyone's joy, the adorable Experiment 626, Aka, Stitch. While Woody and Buzz are straightforward to unlock, Stitch has to be unlocked by completing a slightly arduous quest.

So if you're eager to unlock Stitch and have him join your group of friends, then we have you covered. Below we'll walk you through how to unlock Stitch in Dreamlight Valley. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley - How to Unlock Stitch

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Unlock Stitch Steps to Follow
Below you can find a breakdown of each submission you need to complete to unlock Stitch. (Picture: YouTube / Backseat Guides)

The method of unlocking Stitch is fairly simple, as all you need to do is complete the main quest with Donald, however, what makes it a cumbersome task is that each sub-task of the quest is time-gated, meaning you can only do the next part of the quest five real-world days later. So below we've broken down each stage of the quest that you need to complete to unlock Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley as well as how to skip this time gate mechanic. 

Unlocking Stitch Part 1 - The Mystery Of The Stolen Socks

First off, players will need to head to Dazzle Beach and locate a slimy sock that has mysteriously appeared there, this will begin the main quest called "The Mystery Of The Stolen Socks." Upon inspection, you'll discover the sock belongs to Donald Duck, so take it to him to find out how it ended up there. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Unlock Stitch First Sock Dazzling Beach
The first sock needed to complete the first sub-quest is on Dazzling Beach. (Picture: YouTube / Backseat Guides)

After speaking to Donald, he will tell you that the sock was stolen from him, and that other items have also been stolen from his house. He also mentions that he's been seeing some strange lights in the sky and that he suspects the UFO lights to be behind the missing items.

From there, Donald will ask you to search around his house for clues on the UFO suspects by stomping on five piles of trash in his home until you find a Strange Device. Take this back to Donald, who reveals that the device is doing a DNA scan and that its currently at 33%, from there he will advise that you need to keep an eye out for more socks or lights in the sky, but it may be a while as he only sees the lights every few days. 

Here, you'll have to wait five real-world days until the next part of the quest opens up, or as a quick hack, you can change your game's system time to evade the delay. 

Unlocking Stitch Part 2 - The Sock-Stealing Space Alien Strikes Again!

To begin this quest, players need to head to the Peaceful Meadow and find a chewed-up sock just next to the pond. Once again, after inspecting the sock, based on its color style, it's clear it belongs to Goofy, so take it on over to him. Once you hand it over, you will need to clear up the trash in Goofy's house as well until you find a clump of Blue Fur which you'll need to take to Donald to discuss where it's from.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Unlock Stitch Second Sock Peaceful Meadow
The second sock you need to find is in the Peaceful Meadow. (Picture: YouTube / Backseat Guides)

After speaking to Donald, he will scan the fur with the device, which now reads that the DNA scan is at 66%. From here, Donald again says we need to look and wait for more clues, which just means another five-day delay (or a skip). 

Unlocking Stitch Part 3 - Built To Destroy

The final sock will be found in the Forest of Valor, just near the river bank, and after asking around about it, you'll find that it belongs to Merlin, and after speaking to him, you'll be asked to clear out the trash in Merlins Library to find your final clue, a Mysterious Claw.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Unlock Stitch Third Sock Forest of Valor
The third and final sock can be found in the Forest of Valor. (Picture: YouTube / Backseat Guides)

Bring this back to Donald, who will use the Mysterious Device to do a final scan, which now reaches 100%. After it does, the device will state that you need to place down a beacon to initiate some landing protocol, revealing that the Mysterious Device is a homing beacon.

Donald recommends that you place the homing device down on Skull Rock on Dazzle Beach, and after doing so, a small cutscene will play, showing us a spaceship crash-landing on the beach, and Stitch jumping out, looking quite stressed. Head over to find and speak to Stitch who is lamenting his crashed ship.

Next, you'll need to speak to Donald who has hurried to the scene, and after a short dialogue with him, you agree that we'll need to place down Stitch's house so he has a place to stay. The house will be in your furniture inventory after speaking to Donald, so just place the house down on the beach and pay Scrooge McDuck to set it up (for 10,000 Star Coins) and Stitch will be all set with a new home. 

Head back to Stich and make amends for the beacon causing his crash, which will then let you invite him into his new home. Once he accepts, Stitch will now be unlocked and welcomed into the valley along with the rest of your friends. 

After unlocking Stitch, you will also receive some cosmetics as a reward, as well as access to Stitch's house for some new missions and quests. Lastly, we'd like to thank YouTube Channel Backseat Guides for their full breakdown of how to unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch, and if you're interested in more of their amazing content, then consider subscribing to the channel. That's all on how to unlock Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley.