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How To Unlock Olaf In Disney Dreamlight Valley (The Great Blizzard Quest)

Frozen's Olaf has finally arrived in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here's how to unlock him by completing The Great Blizzard quest.
How To Unlock Olaf In Disney Dreamlight Valley (The Great Blizzard Quest)

If you want to know how to unlock Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you've come to the right place. Olaf, the lovable snowman from Frozen, is a popular character among Disney fans. As a result, it's only natural that players want to add him to their character collection. However, to obtain him, players must complete The Great Blizzard quest, which requires them to search the Frosted Heights for clues about the source of the blizzard.

That said, the journey to unlock Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley may seem daunting, but with the right tools and knowledge, you will be able to add him to your Dreamlight Valley character lineup in no time. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to guide you through unlocking Olaf. So, let's get started on this adventure to bring Olaf to Dreamlight Valley!

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Great Blizzard Quest Guide

olaf location disney dreamlight valley
This is the location of Olaf's cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley. (Picture: YouTube / Sheebi's Valley)

As mentioned, if you want to unlock Olaf, you must complete The Great Blizzard quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The first step is to talk to Merlin, after which you should head up to Frosted Heights. Once there, you must search for clues that might lead you to learn more about the source of the cold. After searching around, you'll stumble upon a secret cave belonging to Olaf (see the image for the exact location).

Before speaking to Olaf, you will discover that rogue squirrels have stolen his nose, buttons, and arms. As you might have guessed, you must then hunt down the squirrels and retrieve the items they stole from Olaf. After returning the items to Olaf, investigate the pillar with Elsa's help. Using your watering can on the pillar will give you another clue, after which you must return to Elsa and report on what you have found.

disney dreamlight unlock olaf guide
After interacting with the pillar, you'll see this Frozen statue clue. (Picture: YouTube / Sheebi's Valley)

Elsa will send you back to Olaf, where you can use your watering can on the sparkling water particles to reveal more Frozen statue clues. In the next stages of the quest, Olaf will ask you to find a book about portals and pick up 3x Shattered Prisms inside the cave before getting 10x Glass (created with Sand and Coal Ore) and 5x Purified Night Shards to make a Dreamlight Prism.

Next, return to Olaf in the secret chamber and interact with the Prism Pedestal. Next, find the missing gems (Orange, Green, and Purple). You can get Purple Amethyst in the Frosted Heights, Orange Citrine in the Sunlit Plateau, and Green Emerald in the Forest. After this, you need to make a rainbow with the gems (as illustrated in the image below) and then whisper your darkest fear into the portal. After doing this, you will automatically reach in and get the arms and the orb.

how to get olaf in disney dreamlight valley
Position each of the missing gems as illustrated to open the portal. (Picture: YouTube / Sheebi's Valley)

Once you give Olaf his arms and return the orb to the pillar, the blizzard will end, and you can talk to him again to complete The Great Blizzard quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This will also unlock Olaf in your valley and allow you to complete his next Friendship quest. But why stop there? In our other guide, we've detailed the steps to unlock Mirabel in the game. Check it out!

We extend a special thanks to Sheebi's Valley on YouTube for providing a helpful video guide on how to unlock Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Their detailed instructions and engaging content have been valuable resources for players seeking to add this beloved character to their collection. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more related content.