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How To Find Red Nasturtium in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In this guide, we'll walk you through finding the Red Nasturtium flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How To Find Red Nasturtium in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Red Nasturtium is one of the more difficult flowers to find when playing Disney Dreamlight Valley due to its rarity and the fact that it only appears later on in the game. If you're struggling to find these flowers, then this guide is for you. 

Below you can find the step-by-step instructions on how to find the Red Nasturtium in Disney Drealgith Valley, as well as some extra tips on what you can do with the flowers once you have enough of them. 

How To Find Red Nasturtium in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It can be a little difficult to locate the red nasturtium in Disney Dreamlight Valley because you need to obtain a lot of Dreamlight to access the area where it's found. The Forgotten Lands, the darkest part of Disney Dreamlight Valley, is where you'll find the flower, but getting there can be pricey.

You're going to need 7,000 Dreamlight to unlock the Sunlit Plateau, and then you'll require an additional 15,000 Dreamlight to open the Forgotten Lands, for a total requirement of 22,000 Dreamlight to enter the Forgotten Lands which contains the red nasturtium flowers.

How To Find Red Nasturtiums In Disney Dreamlight Valley Location Forgotten Lands
Red Nasturtiums can only be found in the Forgotten Lands zone. (Picture: YouTube / theDavz)

Once you're here, you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for the flowers as they grow quite low to the ground and are given away by their red color. You may also come across variations in orange or yellow or a large number of Impatiens when searching for red nasturtiums. 

If this happens and you can't find any red nasturtiums, pick every flower you come across as you wait for more to respawn. With any luck, you'll be able to gather red nasturtiums quickly. Additionally, be sure that you're looking for reddish-pink flowers, as they can often be mistaken for orange nasturtiums.  

What Are Red Nasturtiums Used For In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The red nasturtium is used to adorn your home with flower plants to create some amazing arrangements with flower pots and add some color to your living rooms, or even sell them at Goofy's stall for 40 Star Coins. Alternatively, you can give them as gifts to specific characters to strengthen your relationship with them.

What Are Red Nasturtium Used For trading, star coins and decoartions
Red Nasturtiums are used to level up friendships, for home decorations, and sold for Star Coins.

This is probably the most effective use of flowers in the game because it can reward you with advantages when you increase your friendship levels with particular characters, and they help you with specific tasks around the valley. To give one example, as your friendship with Goofy develops, you'll catch more fish and get more drops when you go fishing with him.