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2v8 Mode Comes To Dead by Daylight

A new 2v8 mode is coming to Dead by Daylight, with two killers up against eight survivors.
2v8 Mode Comes To Dead by Daylight
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight has been no stranger to new game modes recently, and the next one to be added to the game is the highly fan-requested 2v8 mode. The mode was announced at the 8th anniversary livestream, and will pit 2 killers up against 8 survivors on extra-large versions of Dead by Daylight's maps. This will allow for a totally new experience with even more players.

In the new game mode, gameplay will be drastically different from typical Dead by Daylight games. Survivors and killers will not be able to use perks, as they will be replaced with a sort of "class system." There will also be no Hooks, as they'll be replaced with Cages - much like Pyramid Head's Cages of Atonement.

The new 2v8 game mode won't replace the 1v4 game mode, and will instead be another option for players to choose - much like the other recent game modes like My Little Oni and Lights Out. Unlike those game modes, though, the 2v8 game mode will likely be permanent. This means that there will be a completely new meta for the 2v8 game mode, and potentially even a new competitive scene.

Dead by Daylight has teased adding a 2v8 game mode before, as it was one of the listed game modes in a survey sent out asking players which ones they'd like to be added to the game. However, this is the first time that developers have made any official announcements surrounding adding the mode. More information about the new 2v8 game mode will be revealed in a future livestream this July.

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