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Dead By Daylight: What Is A 3 Gen? & How To Counter It

Here's how to counter a 3-gen in Dead by Daylight.
Dead By Daylight: What Is A 3 Gen? & How To Counter It
Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight killers can employ a number of strategies to win each game; while some turn to more controversial approaches like tunneling and camping, others focus on creating what's called a "3-gen." While 3-gens can be frustrating for survivors who find themselves in one, creating a 3-gen is generally considered a strong killer strategy.

So what is a 3-gen situation in Dead by Daylight, and how can survivors counter it? Thankfully, if you find yourself against a killer who's trying to "3-gen" you, you're not totally doomed. In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about the strategy and how to win when you're faced with a 3-gen.

What Is A 3 Gen In Dead By Daylight?

In every Dead by Daylight game, there are a total of 7 generators on the map, with survivors needing to complete 5 of them to open the Exit Gates. Therefore, there are always two more generators than you'll need to complete on the map (e.g. if you need to complete one generator, there will be three left).

A "3-gen" occurs when the only three generators remaining are all within close proximity of one another, allowing the killer to patrol them easily. This is one of the most ideal situations for killers, and many killers attempt to force survivors into creating a 3-gen.

dead by daylight 3 gen
While a 3-gen is one of the worst situations for survivors, it's still possible for them to win. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

How To Counter A 3 Gen In Dead By Daylight

Avoiding A 3-Gen

The best way to counter a killer who's using a 3-gen strategy is to avoid letting it happen in the first place. On most maps, there is an ideal order to complete generators, starting with the middle generator. Players should then make an effort to complete generators in different areas of the map, ensuring that the last three remaining are not close together.

Using the perk Deja Vucan help you find generators that are close to one another, as it illuminates the three generators that are closest to one another on the map. You can almost guarantee that you won't run into a 3-gen if you add this perk to your build, and always complete one of the illuminated Deja Vu generators.

Countering A 3-Gen

While you should avoid getting yourself into a 3-gen at all costs, sometimes a killer patrols the generators in such a way that makes it impossible to avoid a 3-gen situation. If you find yourself trying to complete one of three generators in tight proximity, your best bet is to attempt to distract the killer or have a teammate do the same. This is much easier if you're in a SWF, since you can communicate to other survivors what you're doing, and where to avoid running the killer.

If you can manage to distract the killer for long enough, you may have time to complete the generator. However, this depends on the killer's willingness to leave the area, and this approach may not always work.

Another option is to split up work on generators; while three generators close to one another are generally easy for the killer to patrol, no killer can effectively stick that close to all three generators. If your team splits up and continues work on separate generators, one of them will eventually be completed no matter how much pressure the killer attempts to apply.

While countering a 3-gen can be challenging for survivor teams, it's possible with teamwork and determination. Good luck in the Fog!

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