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Dead By Daylight: 5 Actors We Want To See After Nic Cage

Nicolas Cage is coming to Dead by Daylight, so here's the top actors we'd like to see join the game next.
Dead By Daylight: 5 Actors We Want To See After Nic Cage

Much to almost all fans' surprise, actor Nicolas Cage is coming to Dead by Daylight - not as a character but as himself, as was announced in the game's 7th-anniversary livestream. This addition seems pretty out of nowhere, but it's no doubt an interesting change to the game that could open the door for other actors and actresses to join the game, too. As such, we've given a little bit of thought to the actors we'd like to see in Dead by Daylight after Nicolas Cage is added.

Without further ado, here's our list of the top 5 actors we want to see in Dead by Daylight, including the reasons we'd love to have each one in Behaviour's 4v1 asymmetrical game.

nicolas cage dead by daylight
Nicolas Cage is coming to Dead by Daylight, which could open the door for other actors to do so, too. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

5 Actors We Hope Join Dead By Daylight After Nicolas Cage

Keanu Reeves

While he's largely made a name for himself as an actor, Keanu Reeves is already in a ton of video games, ranging from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure made all the way back in 1989, to The Matrix: Path of Neo in 2005. He's also played major roles in several horror movies, from The Devil's Advocate in 1997, to 2000's Watcher, to Knock Knock in 2015.

Having more than dipped his toes into the worlds of both horror and video games already, Reeves would fit right in alongside Nicolas Cage in The Fog, and Dead by Daylight would be just one more game to add to the long list of games he's already in - so it's possible that this collaboration could actually happen one day.

Constantine movie still
A Constantine skin in Dead By Daylight? Yes, please! (Credit: Warner Bros)

Courteney Cox

Ghost Face is already in Dead by Daylight, so why not add another iconic character from the Scream franchise? Considering Courteney Cox has played a role in every single Scream film, it'd make a lot of sense to add her to the game either as herself or as Gale Weathers. In fact, Weathers is the only main character to make an appearance in every single Scream movie.

Tony Todd

Candyman is by far one of fans' most coveted Dead by Daylight chapters, with a subset of players hoping every time a new licensed chapter releases that it will contain this iconic character. But if Candyman isn't coming to the game anytime soon, we can easily imagine horror legend Tony Todd joining the game's ranks either as a survivor or killer. Todd has more than 100 film credits, with many of them being iconic horror films such as Candyman, Hatchet II, and the Final Destination series. He seems a perfect fit.

Tony Todd from Candyman
We'd love to see this horror icon in the Fog

Jamie Lee Curtis

Having played Laurie Strode in Halloween, it would make a lot of sense for Jamie Lee Curtis to join Dead by Daylight as herself. Laurie Strode is already in the game as a playable survivor, having joined the game alongside Michael Myers when the Halloween chapter was added; but Curtis could also be added to the game as a stand-alone survivor, portraying herself.

After all, Curtis is not only known for her role in Halloween and its sequels but also for her portrayals in other unforgettable horror titles like The Fog, Prom Night, and Roadgames. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more prolific actress in the world of horror, earning Curtis the title of "scream queen."

Sarah Michelle Geller

Like all of the other actors and actresses on this list, Sarah Michelle Gellar has a long list of film and TV credits - but a few of them, in particular, would make her a perfect candidate to play a Dead by Daylight survivor.

Many fans have wanted a Scooby-Doo chapter to be added to the game for years, and, given that Gellar portrayed a major role in many Scooby-Doo movies, adding her to the game could open the door for a licensing collab with that franchise. Of course, Gellar also stars as Buffy Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, another potential IP that could serve as a licensed chapter in Dead by Daylight or a skin for Gellar if she were added to the game as herself.

Buffy the Vampire key art
Buffy would slay in Dead by Daylight

That's it for our list of top 5 actors we'd love to see in Dead by Daylight after Nicolas Cage is added. The sudden addition of this actor has certainly opened the door wide for future collaborations, and we're incredibly curious to see what they are.

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