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Dead By Daylight Anniversary 2023 IS LIVE: Start Time, Stream Leaks & More

Here's what you can expect from the Dead By Daylight Anniversary 2023 including its start time, events, and more.
Dead By Daylight Anniversary 2023 IS LIVE: Start Time, Stream Leaks & More

UPDATE - Dead By Daylight's Year 7 Anniversary Broadcast is now live. You can watch along with the YouTube embed, just below. This year’s show features an exciting Chapter 28 reveal, upcoming gameplay updates, and plenty of surprises to come.  

What's Been Announced So Far:

Original Story Follows - As Dead By Daylight's Year 7 finally comes to a close this April, it's time for a new year of festivities and horror, including the 2023 Anniversary event, an updated roadmap, and more. Coming in just a few months is the Anniversary event, which will mark the game's 7th year in existence. Let's take a look at what killers and survivors can expect from this year's festivities, including the Dead By Daylight Year 7 Anniversary Event start time, date, and what items and other festivities will be available in-game.

Update on 19 May 2023 - This article was updated and checked for the latest news and leaks.

Latest News & Leaks

We'll be sure to keep you updated on all the most recent news and leaks, just below:

19 May 2023 - Today is the day! 

Dead by Daylight’s Year 7 Anniversary Broadcast is coming later today!

Tune in on Twitch and YouTube at 1:00 PM EST.

The Dead By Daylight Anniversary Stream Starts In
18 May 2023 - Dead By Daylight's Anniversary Stream Has Been Brought Forward

Are you ready? The Developers have also confirmed a list of the subjects they'll be covering during the event, including:

  • Year 8 Roadmap
  • Chapter 28 Reveal
  • Gameplay Improvements
  • Quality of Life Improvements
  • Dead by Daylight: What Lies Ahead
  • A Look at the Store
  • 7th Anniversary In-game Celebrations
17 May 2023 - Dead By Daylight's Anniversary News Leaked

Out of respect for the developers, we're not sharing any of the numerous leaks here because it's literally everything Behavior planned to announce at the Anniversary stream next week.

As a reminder though, they have officially confirmed that Nic Cage is coming to Dead By Daylight.

16 May 2023 - 7th Anniversary Stream Is Maybe Coming Next Week

Looks like the Dead By Daylight 7th Anniversary Stream announcement has leaked (more details on the link).

Hopefully, this means we'll be learning more about Season 28 very soon!

5 May 2023 - Anniversary Chapter Killer, Survivor, Power, And More Leaked

Just a few weeks after dataminer and Dead by Daylight leaker Leaks by Daylight published the release date of the upcoming anniversary chapter, they have now published a new report providing fans with information about the killer, their power, and the new survivor. 

According to the leak, the chapter will feature all original characters. The killer will be called The Singularity, boasting a power called Dimensional Rift. This power will allow him to create two portals on flat surfaces and then teleport between them, creating a blast that makes nearby survivors scream and reveal their auras to him when he does so.

Similar to The Demogorgon's Portals to the Upside Down, survivors can close The Singularity's portals to prevent the killer from teleporting to them. The leak also mentioned that the "power of the killer becomes stronger as the game goes on."

The new survivor will be named Gabriel Soma, though none of his survivor perks have been revealed thus far.

24 April 2023 - Chapter 28 Release Date Leaked

According to Leaks by Daylight, the new Dead by Daylight chapter 28 is set to release on 13 June 2023, with an anniversary live stream and the Steam Public Test Build taking place on 23 May 2023.

Dead By Daylight 7th Anniversary 2023 Start Time

Dead by Daylight's anniversary month is in June, specifically on 14 June. This means that the anniversary event will begin sometime in mid-June 2023 and will last throughout most of that month and possibly even into July 2022.

Based on past years' events, we can expect the 2023 anniversary event to begin on or around 15 June 2023, and it will likely last until about 30 June 2023.

Most Dead by Daylight events begin at 11 am EST, so the anniversary event will probably follow suit.

DBD Anniversary Start Date End Date
1st Year Anniversary 14th June 2017 20th June 2017
2nd Year Anniversary
14 June 2018 9 July 2018
3rd Year Anniversary
18 June 2019 2 July 2019
4th Year Anniversary
23 June 2020 14 July 2020
5th Year Anniversary
30 June 2021 15 July 2021 (extended to 22 July)
6th Year Anniversary (Twisted Masquerade)
16 June 2022 30 June 2022
7th Year Anniversary
13 June 2023 (Tentative) TBA

Dead By Daylight 7th Anniversary 2023 Events

Dead By Daylight's anniversary events usually include in-game rewards, event-specific offerings, and special tasks that players can complete during trials. The anniversary events are well-known in the community as one of the biggest celebrations of the year, allowing players to earn coveted cosmetics and rake in the Bloodpoints.

Anniversary Event Offerings

dead by daylight offering
Every year, developers release a new Dead By Daylight Anniversary event offering. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Starting during the Year 3-anniversary event, developers have released an event-specific cake-themed offering every year that can only be purchased from the Bloodweb during that year's event.

These items can be played after the event is over, but they can never be acquired again, as every year's item is unique. In 2023, it's extremely likely that we will get another special Anniversary event offering.

Here's a look at past years' event-specific anniversary cakes:

  • Gruesome Ghateau - Grants 103 % bonus Bloodpoints in all Categories to all Players.
  • Ghastly Ghateau - Grants 104 % bonus Bloodpoints in all Categories to all Players.
  • Sacrificial Cake - Grants 105 % bonus Bloodpoints in all Categories to all Players. Reveals the Aura of the Crown Pillar in purple within 8 metres. Hear an auditory cue whenever the Crown Pillar moves location.
  • Frightful Flan - Grants 106 % bonus Bloodpoints in all Categories to all Players. Reveals the Aura of the Crown Pillar in purple within 8 metres. Hear an auditory cue whenever the Crown Pillar moves location.

Dead By Daylight 7th Anniversary Event Rewards And Items

During the 2022 Twisted Masquerade Anniversary event, players were able to grab Masquerade Masks by interacting with Pillars around the map. In the years before that, both survivors and killers could find Crown Pillars around trials to grab a Crown cosmetic for their character - if they escaped as survivors or finished the trial as killers.

Since this year's event will likely have a new theme, it's possible we'll either see the Crowns or a new reward come to the game, but it's not likely we'll see last year's Masquerade Masks return.

As of right now, no in-game rewards have been announced yet for the Dead By Daylight 2023 anniversary.

That's what you can expect for Dead by Daylight's anniversary in 2023. We'll keep you updated as we learn more!

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