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Dead By Daylight's Best Meme Builds, According To Reddit

Here are the best Dead by Daylight meme builds for both killers and survivors.
Dead By Daylight's Best Meme Builds, According To Reddit
Behaviour Interactive

There are lots of Dead by Daylight builds to choose from, some more powerful and effective than others. While many players seek out the best builds they can find to win the game, others just want to have a bit of fun with a meme build designed for funny gameplay and cheeky moves.

Some DBD meme builds, like the iconic Burger King Myers, are no longer possible to play thanks to changes to perks and add-ons. That said, there are still a ton of super fun meme builds in the game for both survivors and killers.

Here are some of the best Dead by Daylight meme builds, courtesy of the DBD fan community.

Sneaky Chase Escape Build

For: Any Survivor

Item: Med-kit

This sneaky escape build for survivors can help you escape from chases without being seen or heard - but only after the killer gets in that first hit. This can be incredibly frustrating for killers who will find themselves continually losing you, but extremely enjoyable if you're the survivor who manages to make the great escape.

  • Lucky Break
  • Iron Will
  • Quick and Quiet
  • Head On
dead by daylight escape
This build allows you to make a sneaky escape. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Lucky Break and Iron Will both help you escape chases by silencing you in one way or another, while Quick and Quiet also silence your vaults. Head On ensures that you can stun the killer during or after your great escape, and for many survivors, it's one of the most fun perks in the game.

While bringing an item along with this build is optional, and no one item is necessary for this build to work, it might be a good idea to bring along a Med-kit so you can heal up after your escape.

Backpack Nemesis

dead by daylight nemesis
Backpack Nemesis can carry survivors for long periods of time without them wiggling out. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

For:The Nemesis

Add-ons: Any

Players have dubbed this build "backpack Nemesis" since it'll help you carry survivors for long periods of time without other survivors getting in your way. It's heavily focused on chasing and targeting survivors who body block, making it a great choice against SWFs who want to prevent you from earning those hooks.

  • Iron Grasp
  • Mad Grit
  • Agitation
  • Enduring

Iron Grasp ensures that you can carry a survivor for longer, while Mad Grit allows you to attack while doing so without worrying about the survivor in your arms wiggling out. Agitation speeds you up while carrying a survivor while Enduring ensures that stuns won't effectively slow you down.

Mad Doctor

dead by daylight doctor
This build makes great use of the Doctor's power and add-ons.. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

For: The Doctor

Add-ons: Iridescent King and Restraint - Class II, or Restraint Class III, or Restraint - Carter's Notes

The Mad Doctor build relies on using your hallucinations to fool survivors.

  • Insidious
  • Dragon's Grip
  • Overcharge
  • Knock Out

With this build, you'll attempt to get everyone to Madness Tier II or III, then kick a generator using Dragon's Grip and Overcharge. You can then use Insidious to remove your Terror Radius and fool survivors into thinking you are a hallucination. Using Knock Out, other players won't be able to see their location - or yours - once you down them, thus allowing you to fool even more survivors into thinking you're a hallucination.

Those are some of the best meme builds in Dead by Daylight for a bit of fun in your next trial.

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