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The Best Plague Builds In Dead By Daylight (May 2024)

Here is your guide to the best loadouts and perks for the killer The Plague in Dead by Daylight.
The Best Plague Builds In Dead By Daylight (May 2024)
1 May 2024 - We've updated the page to reflect any recent changes to perks and abilities that might impact the best Plague builds in Dead By Daylight.

There are over 25 killers in the horror game Dead by Daylight, each with their own unique power and perks. Perhaps the foulest of them all is The Plague, a killer who is known for her ability to vomit on survivors, injuring them and eventually putting them into the Dying State.

We are here to help you out if you're trying to learn how to play The Plague and make use of her disgusting ability. Here is your guide to The Plague, including his power, perks, and the best loadout available for her.

plague dead by daylight power perks
The Plague moves slowly, but is still efficient at injuring survivors. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Plague Power And Perks

To pick out the best perks for The Plague, you'll first need to understand her power and how it works so you can think about how the game's many perks may be able to complement it.

You should also learn more about The Plague's teachable perks since they come with the killer by default and can be used together to earn Adept Plague. Let's go over all of The Plague's perks:

Perk: Corrupt Intervention

  • 3 Generators located farthest from you are blocked by The Entity at the start of the Trial.

Perk: Infectious Fright

  • Survivors that are within the Killer’s Terror Radius while another Survivor is put into a dying state will yell and reveal their location.

Perk: Dark Devotion

  • You become obsessed with one Survivor. Hitting the Obsession with a basic attack causes the Obsession to emit a Terror Radius for a short duration. You are granted the Undetectable status effect for the duration of the effect.

Power: Vile Purge

The Plague's power is called Vile Purge, which allows her to vomit on survivors and injure them. The in-game description reads:

  • Press and hold the power button to charge Vile Purge, and release it to unleash a stream of infectious bile. Hitting a Survivor will cause them to become infected.
  • When a Survivor’s infection indicator is completely filled, they are put into the injured state and are affected by the Broken status effect.

Special Ability: Ingest Corruption

  • Infected Survivors can heal themselves back to full health and cure their infection by cleansing themselves at a Pool of Devotion. This action corrupts the Pool of Devotion, allowing The Plague to consume the corruption and empower her purge by interacting with it.

Special Attack: Corrupt Purge

  • After ingesting corruption, Vile Purge is replaced by Corrupt Purge for a short duration. It can instantly damage any Survivor hit by its stream.
plague dead by daylight builds loadout
The Plague is a slow killer, so she needs the help of perks in some areas. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Best Plague Builds In Dead By Daylight

The Plague can use her power to vomit on survivors, making them vulnerable and easy for her to find. Her power is quite powerful on its own, but she is a slow killer, so she needs the help of perks to efficiently move around the map.

Here are just a few of the top loadouts we recommend for The Plague.

Beginner Plague Build

If you are just starting as a new Plague main, it might be hard to decide what aspects of gameplay you want your build to focus on. Plague is a great killer for beginners who want a more strategic approach to gameplay, so it might be a good idea to test this build as you find your footing.

  • Corrupt Intervention (The Plague)
  • Infectious Fright (The Plague)
  • Whispers
  • Jolt

Whispers will help you find survivors, ensuring that you are never in a dead zone. This is incredibly helpful for a beginner who may not yet have a sense of the maps, their layouts, and where survivors will be. Corrupt Intervention provides generator slowdown early in the match, while Jolt provides it throughout the trial. Infectious Fright helps you snowball downs, quickly attacking multiple survivors.

Stealthy Aura Plague Build

The Plague might be a tall killer, but she is actually quite quiet when she isn't charging her power. As such, it can be smart to take a stealthy approach as this killer. This build helps you find survivors and track their auras, and then approach them silently.

  • Call Of Brine (The Onryo)
  • Dark Devotion (The Plague)
  • Lethal Pursuer (The Nemesis)
  • Hysteria (The Nemesis)

You'll get to see survivors' auras at the beginning of the match using Lethal Pursuer, giving you an initial boost as you get started. Dark Devotion will cause confusion for any survivors, making them unaware of your approach and potentially even avoiding other survivors due to their fake terror radius. Hysteria makes survivors Oblivious so you can approach even more sneakily. Lastly, Call of Brine patches up one of The Plague's weakest areas by providing heavy generator slowdown.

What Are The Best Perks For The Plague?

Those are all the best builds for The Plague, but you might still be wondering which individual perks work best on this killer. After all, creating your own builds can be fun and allow you to try new playstyles.

You can mix and match the following perks to create an incredible build for The Plague:

  • Corrupt Intervention (The Plague)
  • Infectious Fright (The Plague)
  • Whispers
  • Hex: Ruin (The Hag)
  • Eruption (The Nemesis)
  • Hysteria (The Nemesis)

We recommend mixing and matching the perks in the builds we've provided to create your favorite loadout. As you familiarize yourself with this killer, you'll determine which perks are your favorites and be able to mix and match these perks effectively.

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