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Castlevania Chapter Confirmed For Dead by Daylight

Castlevania is finally coming to Dead by Daylight, a new trailer teased during the 8th Anniversary livestream.
Castlevania Chapter Confirmed For Dead by Daylight
(Behavior Interactive)

The newest collaboration to join Dead by Daylight's ranks is Castlevania. Yes, it's official - a Castlevania Chapter is coming to the game, featuring a killer and potentially even a new survivor from the franchise entering the Fog. The upcoming chapter was announced at Dead by Daylight's 8th anniversary livestream, alongside an official trailer giving fans a sneak peek at what's to come:

The trailer is brief, but showcases who is likely the next killer to join Dead by Daylight. Castlevania has been a much-requested franchise to be added to Dead by Daylight for a long time now, so it will no doubt excite many fans of both franchises to see the long-running series added to the Fog.

For now, there's no official release date for when Castlevania will come to Dead by Daylight, we are teased that more info will be shared on August 6. So it's possible this could be released as part of Chapter 33.

While there are not a ton of details about DBD x Castlevania right now, it's confirmed that the chapter is indeed coming in the future, and fans can look forward to the new chapter coming to the game as part of the Year 9 roadmap. It's also unconfirmed as to who the killer and survivor from the chapter will be, and assuming it is Chapter 33, we know from the roadmap that this won't include a new map.

Alongside the upcoming Castlevania chapter, players can also look forward to numerous other updates announced at the DBD anniversary livestream, from new games in the DBD universe to a new DND chapter. Be sure to check out our Dead by Daylight section for all the latest news and info.

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