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Dead By Daylight Chaos Shuffle: Start Time, Rewards, Info & More

Here's everything you need to know about DBD's upcoming Chaos Shuffle modifier.
Dead By Daylight Chaos Shuffle: Start Time, Rewards, Info & More
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's newest upcoming gameplay modifier is the Chaos Shuffle randomizer. This new game mode will switch up the usual gameplay loop in trials and give players a new way to play DBD, much like other limited-time game modes like My Little Oni and Lights Out. Here's everything we know so far about the Chaos Shuffle modifier, from what gameplay will look like, to what the rewards will be and when it'll start and end.

Dead By Daylight Chaos Shuffle Start & End Date

Update - Reputable leaker @dvveet has stated that "Due to the recent bugs" Behavior will now move the start time of the the 'Chaos Shuffle' Modifier will begin on May 16th and run until May 23rd. This hasn't been confirmed by Behavior (yet) so stay tuned for official details.

DBD's Chaos Shuffle event is set to start on 2nd May and will last until 9 May. This means players have one week to try out this new game mode.

chaos shuffle
Chaos Shuffle is DBD's newest modifier. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead By Daylight Chaos Shuffle Gameplay

While playing DBD: Chaos Shuffle, you'll get a set of randomized perks in every trial. The perks you get can even be ones that you don't own, giving you an opportunity to try out those perks that you might not have bought yet. Both killers and survivors will have random perks in this mode.

DBD Chaos Shuffle is a special modifier, so you'll need to pick it from the game's main menu if you want to play with random perks. If you don't want to play this event mode, you can just select 'Survivor' or 'Killer' from the list as usual.

Dead By Daylight Chaos Shuffle Event Tome

Fans can get rewards for participating in the Chaos Shuffle event and completing the event tome. Here are the rewards in the Chaos Shuffle event tome:

  • 1 Charm
  • 1 Badge
  • 1 Banner

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