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Dead By Daylight Bone Chill Event 2023: Start Time, Rewards, More

Dead by Daylight's Christmas 2023 event is nearly here. Here's everything you need to know including rewards and the start date.
Dead By Daylight Bone Chill Event 2023: Start Time, Rewards, More
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The popular horror game Dead by Daylight might bring to mind Halloween more than Christmas, but developers still love to celebrate the holiday season. Every year in The Fog, developers bring in new features and decorations to ring in the winter holidays, and this year's Bone Chill celebration is no exception.

Here’s everything we know about the 2023 Dead by Daylight Christmas event, including the start and end dates and what the festivities and rewards will include. 

Update on 17 November 2023 - This article was updated and checked for the latest 'Dead By Daylight Christmas Event' news and leaks for 2023. Happy holidays!

Dead by Daylight 2023 Winter Event

dead by daylight winter 2022
Dead by Daylight celebrates winter with an annual event. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Behaviour Interactive's 2023 Winter Bone Chill event will mirror Dead by Daylight's most recent Halloween event, with its own event tome and a new currency called "Frosty Trinkets." Also like the Halloween event, it'll have its own unique gameplay mechanic featuring Snowmen, "Snowskulls," and "Mimic Snowmen."

As for the new "Snowskulls," players will be able to throw snow from piles around the map; they'll even injure survivors. There's not much info about the "Mimic Snowmen" available yet, but they'll have a sort of jumpscare mechanic and a score event associated with them.

Players will be able to complete challenges in the Bone Chill tome to earn Frosty Trinkets, which they can then exchange for cosmetic rewards.

During the first Christmas event, developers introduced Christmas-themed generators, hooks, lockers, and more. These have returned every year, suggesting they will make yet another return in 2023 as well.

Dead By Daylight Christmas Event Start Dates

According to LeaksDBD, Dead by Daylight's 2023 Bone Chill winter event will begin on 14 December and end on 4 January 2023

Here are the dates of past Dead by Daylight Christmas events:

  • 2017 Winter Solstice - 14th December to 4th January

  • 2018 Winter Solstice - 17th December to 3rd January

  • 2021 Bone Chill - 9th December to 23rd December 

Events usually begin during the second or third week of December and tend to last for about three weeks. The 2021 event was a bit shorter than the previous ones, though.

Dead By Daylight Christmas Event Rewards

dead by daylight bone chill 2021 event
Dead by Daylight's winter events tend to start toward the middle of December. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's Christmas 2023 event will have rewards that function much like the Halloween event, which allowed players to earn Milestone Rewards in the tome and also use Dark Trinkets in exchange for other rewards. 

The Holiday 2023 event will include a new currency, Frosty Trinkets, and three milestone rewards:

  • 1 Charm (6 points)
  • 1 Wraith Weapon (12 points)
  • 1 Jeff Head (17 points)

That’s all we know about this year’s 2023 Dead by Daylight Christmas event, including what fans can expect this year and when it may begin.

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