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Dead By Daylight Bone Chill Event 2022: Start Time, Rewards, More

Dead by Daylight's Christmas 2022 event is here. Here's everything you need to know including rewards and the start date.
Dead By Daylight Bone Chill Event 2022: Start Time, Rewards, More

The popular horror game Dead by Daylight might bring to mind Halloween more than Christmas, but developers still love to celebrate the holiday season.

Every year in The Fog, developers bring in new features and decorations to ring in the winter holidays. 

Here’s everything we know about the 2022 Dead by Daylight Christmas event, including potential dates and what the festivities might include. 

Update on 3 January 2023 - This article was updated and checked for the latest 'Dead By Daylight Christmas Event' news and leaks.

Latest News

Dead By Daylight Bone Chill Event Extended! 

Survivors and killers alike, rejoice - the holidays are going on for a little longer than expected in Dead by Daylight. Behaviour has extended the Bone Chill Event, current Tome and Rift, and festive promo codes to 11th January.

Dead By Daylight Bone Chill Countdown - When Does The Event Start?

The Dead By Daylight Bone Chill Event begins tomorrow, on December 8.

If you're wondering what time the event could start, we suspect it will begin at the normal time for Dead By Daylight Events and updates.

So we expect the event has a start time of 6pm UTC.

December 2 - Deck The Trials Collection Revealed

Two new winter themed collections have been announced by the team. Details below:

"Several months ago, the Dead by Daylight community cast their votes to choose the upcoming holiday-themed Cosmetic Collection. The results have been brought to life in the limited time Deck The Trials Collection, featuring Outfits largely inspired by winter fables and fantasy.

"You may notice a few differences – mainly that Yun-Jin, whose Outfit was from the opposing group, has been added to Collection due to popular demand. It’s also worth noting that The Dredge and David King’s Outfits have not been forgotten – we’ll keep you posted with more details shortly.

The Deck The Trials Outfits for Meg Thomas, Kate Denson, Yun-Jin Lee, Mikaela Reid, and The Trickster are available in the in-game store."

December 1 - Bone Chill 2022 Event Announced

Behaviour Interactive have officially confirmed the return of the Christmas Bone Chill event for 2022.

It all gets started next week on December 8.

November 23 - 2022 Bone Chill Event Leaks

Following the release of Dead By Daylight Chapter 26 a series of leaks have emerged which gives us a closer look at what's coming as part of the 2022 Christmas event.

For a start, it looks like the event will start on 8 December and last a good month until 4 January.

Once again there will be a Winter Tome with plenty of new outfits to collect. Oh and ugly sweaters and the snowman return too.

Dead by Daylight 2022 Winter Event

Behaviour Interactive hasn’t let us know what’s in store for this year’s event yet, but past events’ festivities can help us better understand what to expect. 

During the first Christmas event, developers introduced Christmas-themed generators, hooks, lockers, and more. These have returned every year, suggesting they will make yet another return in 2022.

In 2021, developers also introduced snowmen, which survivors could jump into, to hide from killers or take an extra hit. Players could earn bonus cosmetics from hitting a survivor in a snowman or being hit as a survivor in a snowman.

With the most recent Halloween event also including the ability to earn cosmetics through gameplay, likely, the 2022 Christmas event will again offer earnable cosmetics, as well as a new in-game mechanic like the snowmen.

The snowmen were extremely popular in the community during the 2021 event, so it’s possible that they could make a return this year, too.

dead by daylight winter 2022
Dead by Daylight celebrates winter with an annual event. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Christmas Event Start Dates

UPDATE - The Bone Chill event for 2022 starts December 8!

Behaviour Interactive has yet to release official dates for this year’s Dead by Daylight Christmas event. To determine when the event will take place, though, we can take a look at the dates of previous years’ events. 

  • 2017 Winter Solstice - 14th December to 4th January

  • 2018 Winter Solstice - 17th December to 3rd January

  • 2021 Bone Chill - 9th December to 23rd December 

Events usually begin during the second or third week of December and tend to last for about three weeks. The 2021 event was a bit shorter than the previous ones, though, suggesting that this year’s event could be a brief one, too.

That’s all we know about this year’s 2022 Dead by Daylight Christmas event, including what fans can expect this year and when it may begin.

dead by daylight bone chill 2021 event
Dead by Daylight's winter events tend to start toward the middle of December. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

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