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Dead By Daylight Teases Coldwind Map Updates Coming Soon

Dead by Daylight's Coldwind Map is seeing some updates to its layout and graphics soon.
Dead By Daylight Teases Coldwind Map Updates Coming Soon
Coldwind was one of Dead by Daylight's earliest maps. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

In a Twitter post on 19 July, the Dead by Daylight team showed off some upcoming changes to the Rancid Abbatoir map from the Coldwind realm. The image in the post shows the main building of the map; once a place where survivors could easily make their escape from inexperienced killers, the building now looks much more wide-open, with only a single loop in the center of it.

In the loop inside Coldwind's freezer, there's one large barrel, a wooden box, and what appears to be a pallet. However, some players in the replies pointed out that the pallet in the photo looked like it may sport a somewhat new design, appearing different from those players are familiar with. Dead by Daylight last changed its pallet designs just last year in a major graphical update.

Dead by Daylight's Year 8 Roadmap outlines graphical and gameplay updates for several maps in the game, and Coldwind is simply the next one on Behaviour Interactive's list. Alongside graphical updates, it's likely that we'll see some major changes to the map's loops to better balance the location, as the images imply. It's unknown whether the map's main building will be the only part of the location to see changes or if designers will also tweak the outer areas of the map to make it fairer for survivors and killers alike.