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How To Counter The Spirit In Dead By Daylight

Here's how to counter The Spirit in Dead by Daylight so you can avoid getting downed by this ghostly killer.
How To Counter The Spirit In Dead By Daylight

The Spirit has long been regarded as one of the strongest killers in Dead by Daylight, meaning she is also one of the hardest killers to counter. She's able to sneak up on survivors by Phasing and can also use her ability to Phase to move quickly, catching up with survivors effortlessly. While The Spirit has a lot of tools in her kit to help her locate and attack survivors, there are ways you can fight back and prevent this killer from getting the best of you.

To help you win more trials against one of the strongest killers in Dead by Daylight, we've created this guide to how to counter The Spirit in Dead by Daylight.

Hide Your Scratch Marks Against The Spirit to Counter in DBD

spirit dead by daylight counters
The Spirit is one of the strongest killers in Dead by Daylight. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Spirit can see your scratch marks exceptionally well while Phasing, allowing her to catch up with survivors in a chase and locate them with no problem. To prevent her from following you and catching up with you, hide your scratch marks by walking instead of running as much as you can. Of course, you don't want to walk if you know the killer is a foot behind you, but if you hear The Spirit start Phasing and notice that she's looking for you, don't leave any scratch marks for her to follow.

Bring Helpful Perks Against The Spirit in Dead by Daylight

dead by daylight spirit counters
The Spirit relies on scratch marks to track survivors, so hide them if you can. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

If you know you're going against a Spirit - such as in a tournament or a custom match - you should bring along certain perks to help you. These perks are some of the best counters to Spirit, confusing even the best Spirit players when they're brought into play.

First of all, Iron Will is one of the most effective perks against her. Iron Will makes you quieter and thus harder to track. You can also bring along Lightweight, which makes your scratch marks spawn further apart and harder to track. When you combine these two perks, it's not quite impossible for The Spirit to locate you if you're careful, but it's definitely more challenging for her to do so. In other words, you'll want to bring along perks that help you be as stealthy as possible against this killer.

That's all you need to know to counter The Spirit and to escape more trials against this killer. Good luck out there in the fog!

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