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Dead By Daylight Cross-Progression Isn't Coming Soon, Devs Say

Cross-progression in Dead by Daylight is still not coming, developers confirm.
Dead By Daylight Cross-Progression Isn't Coming Soon, Devs Say
The DBD community speculated that PlayStation cross-progression might be in the works. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

After Dead by Daylight players recently noticed that Behaviour Interactive added a PlayStation account linking option on their website, many fans excitedly speculated that PlayStation cross-progression was coming to the game. However, according to a recent update from a developer, players shouldn't take this as a hint that cross-progression is in the works - it isn't. 

Dead by Daylight Community Manager and developer Mandy responded to fans' speculation on the DBD forums, stating that she "wanted to manage expectations." She clarified that "there is, unfortunately, no update as to when/if cross-progression will be available other than the currently listed platforms."

The addition of PlayStation to Behaviour Interactive's account linking list allows players to link their PlayStation account to their Behaviour account, but nothing more; players still cannot transfer progress between PlayStation and any other platform.

Currently, Dead by Daylight players can link their accounts between Epic Games and Steam. Before Stadia was discontinued, players could also link their accounts to Stadia, though this is no longer an option.

It's definitely frustrating news to many that the feature isn't actually coming to the game, but developers have mentioned several times over the years, including just prior to the 7th anniversary live stream, that adding cross-progression for more platforms wouldn't be easy.

Still, many players have been requesting that developers add cross-progression as soon as it's viable, with countless fans expressing their hope for developers to add the feature on Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms.

For now, Behaviour Interactive says that they don't have an update on cross-progression, meaning that the feature isn't likely to come to the game any time soon. That said, it's not completely out of the question for the future; as developers have stated before that they would like to add cross-progression to DBD, but there are multiple hurdles to achieving this.

While cross-progression isn't available in DBD, crossplay is, meaning that players can hop into a trial with players using other devices but won't be able to share their own progress between multiple devices.

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