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Dead By Daylight - How To Get High-Speed Pursuit Achievement

Here's how to get the High-Speed Pursuit Achievement in Dead by Daylight as quickly as possible so you can earn the new trophy released alongside Wesker.
Dead By Daylight - How To Get High-Speed Pursuit Achievement

The Dead by Daylight x Resident Evil Project W chapter, released in late August 2022, introduced a new killer and two new survivors into Dead by Daylight's Fog.

Along with these new characters, a Racoon City Police Station map redesign, and new skins, six new achievements were added. Here is how to get the High-Speed Pursuit achievement in Dead by Daylight.

How To Get High-Speed Pursuit Achievement

dead by dayligth wesker high speed pursuit
The High-Speed Pursuit achievement was released alongside Wesker, and he's one of the best killers to play to earn it. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The High-Speed Pursuit achievement requires you to vault 50 times while chasing survivors in public matches.

Most killers vault slower than survivors, so it doesn't usually make sense to vault after a survivor in chase. However, there are some ways you can optimize your playstyle to ensure that you earn the High-Speed Pursuit achievement.

Play The Right Killers

albert wesker dead by daylight
Albert Wesker's perks and power both help players earn the High-Speed Pursuit achievement. (Picture: Capcom)

While trying to earn the achievement, it is best to play either the killer The Legion or The Mastermind. The Legion can fast vault over pallets during Feral Frenzy, while The Mastermind can use his Virulent Bound to fast vault pallets.

Playing one of these killers and prioritizing using their power can help you earn the High-Speed Pursuit achievement in as few as just five matches or less.

Use Vault Perks

Alternatively, if you don't have or don't want to play The Legion or The Mastermind, you can still vault after survivors in chase using other killers - but you'll want to do so strategically. As we mentioned earlier, killers are usually slower than survivors when vaulting, and you can easily lose chases by vaulting too often.

Using perks can help you keep up in chase even while vaulting, and playing mind games on survivors.

For example, try equipping The Clown's teachable perk Bamboozle, which quickens your vault speed and prevents survivors from vaulting a window after you vault it. You could also try out Albert Wesker's new teachable perk, Superior Anatomy, which increases your vaulting speed over windows after a survivor performs a rushed vault near you.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.