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Dead by Daylight Items Tier List (November 2023)

There are lots of items to choose from in Dead by Daylight, so many survivors wonder which items are best. In this tier list, we'll let you know exactly which ones to select.
Dead by Daylight Items Tier List (November 2023)

In the 4v1 horror game Dead by Daylight, Survivor players can grab items from their Bloodweb to bring with them to the match or grab items in chests throughout the game to help them live longer. Needless to say, items are helpful - but with so many to choose from, it's easy to wonder which items are best in Dead by Daylight.

We'll help you decide which items you should bring with you in Dead by Daylight with this detailed tier list. From Flashlights to Maps to Med-kits, we've got you covered.

2 November 2023 - We've updated our tier list to include Dead by Daylight's newest items! We've also made some minor adjustments to our list to adjust for any changes to items. 

Selecting the best items can be crucial to helping you mid-game

Dead by Daylight Items Tier List

Every item in Dead by Daylight has a purpose, whether it can be used to speed up the survivors' objectives, heal, or determine what to do next. Having the right item in your hand at the right time can win you games, so it's important to pay attention to what you're using.

In this article, we'll rank every item in the game from S tier to D tier, with S tier being the best and D tier being the worst.

Dead by Daylight S Tier Items

Dead by Daylight rainbow map
The Rainbow Map in Dead by Daylight is one of the strongest items in the game. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)
  • Rainbow Map
  • Ranger Med-kit
  • Commodious Toolbox
  • Festive Toolbox

With the Rainbow Map, players can see all objects, including Exit Gate Switches, Generators, and the Hatch, within 8 meters. It also starts with three random objects tracked. Combined with a perk that shows the auras of objects - like Detective's Hunch - you'll be able to see everything whenever you want. Add on the Crystal Bead to allow other survivors to see everything you see, too.

Without any add-ons, the Ranger Med-kit is already the best med-kit in the game, offering players two full heals and a quicker healing rate. With add-ons, this med-kit can prove almost overpowered, allowing survivors to heal up to four times.  

The Commodious Toolbox is an item of average rarity, but look past its exterior, and you'll realize it's the best Toolbox in the game. With 32 charges - more than any other toolbox - and 50% increased generator repair speed, you'll be popping all five generators in no time with this Toolbox. A team of all four survivors bringing a Commodious Toolbox is most killers' worst nightmare!

The Festive Toolbox is a holiday event item similar to the Commodius Toolbox. It has 32 charges and increases generator repair speed by 50%. Missing a skill check while using this item detonates fireworks. This is a fun alternative to the Commodius Toolbox, but the fireworks might can easily alert the killer, making this item just a smidge more risky.

Dead by Daylight A Tier Items

Skeleton Key Dead by Daylight
The Skeleton Key has multiple uses. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)
  • Utility Flashlight
  • Skeleton Key
  • Mechanic's Toolbox
  • Emergency Med-kit

The Utility Flashlight can be used to blind the killer. With a battery life of 12 seconds and an increased blindness duration, this flashlight is the best in the game. That said, all flashlights take practice to learn to use, so these aren't for everyone. 

The Skeleton Key not only allows survivors to open a closed hatch but also has a whopping 30 charges. While this item isn't the best item in the game on its own, it's truly incredible when used with aura-reading add-ons like Blood Amber. 

The Mechanic's Toolbox is good for quickly getting that last bit of a generator done since it increases repair speed by 75% at the expense of only having 16 charges. It's not the best Toolbox, but it's not the worst. 

The Emergency Med-kit is best for emergencies, true to its name; it heals you 50% faster and contains just one full heal. This is the perfect item when you need a heal to come in clutch, but it doesn't hold as many charges like some other med-kits. 

Dead by Daylight B Tier Items

Sport Flashlight dead by daylight item
The Flashlight and Sport Flashlight are both moderately powerful in the right hands. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)
  • Flashlight
  • Sport Flashlight
  • Engineer's Toolbox
  • First Aid Kit
  • Dull Key
  • Winter Party Starter
  • Chinese Firecracker

The Flashlight and Sport Flashlight can be used to blind the killer, like the Utility Flashlight, but they have significantly fewer charges. As a result, they'll run out quickly and often only allow survivors to earn a few blinds. 

The Engineer's Toolbox offers an increased generator repair speed of 100% but only holds 16 charges. It also decreases hook sabotage speed by 25%. Because of the debuff to sabotage and its few charges, it's not a spectacular item despite its rarity. 

The First Aid Kit grants 1.5 heals; with add-ons, it can offer up to two. With fewer charges than most other med kits and its reliance on add-ons for a second heal, the First Aid Kit makes the B tier. 

The Dull Key can be used to open a closed hatch for a quick endgame escape, but it only holds 5 seconds of power for add-ons. As a result, it's really only useful in niche situations and for escaping through a closed hatch, which doesn't happen often. 

The Winter Party Starter and Chinese Firecracker items were event items available during the Dead by Daylight holiday event. These items could be thrown on the ground and detonated to create an explosion of fireworks that would blind the killer. While these items aren't particularly strong, they're certainly fun to use, and players look forward to a variation of them returning each year.

Dead by Daylight C Tier Items

Map Dead by Daylight item
The Map is made stronger with add-ons, much like many other items in Dead by Daylight. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)
  • Alex's Toolbox
  • Camping Aid Kit
  • Map
  • Toolbox

While Alex's Toolbox allows survivors to quickly sabotage hooks, it isn't strong for repairing toolboxes, which is no doubt the best use of a toolbox. If you're looking to boost your sabotage build, you can try out this item, but it isn't great for the average player.

The Camping Aid Kit provides exactly one heal at a 25% increased healing speed. It's not a bad item by any means, since a self-heal can be game-changing, but it doesn't hold up to other med-kits power. 

The Map tracks just one generator at the start and then tracks any Generators within 8 meters. It doesn't track many objects at all and is only really useful for beginners who are still learning the maps.

The Toolbox increases generator repair speed by 50% and has 20 charges. It's nothing to write home about compared to some of the other toolboxes, but it's still worth a try if you're trying to complete generators quickly. 

Dead by Daylight D Tier Items

Dead by Daylight worn-out tools
The Worn-Out Tools hold true to their name, providing little value. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)
  • Worn-Out Tools
  • Broken Key

While the Worn-Out Tools can help you gain a bit of extra progress on a generator, they only have 16 charges, so they'll hardly win you the game. They also debuff players' skill check success zones. Needless to say, the Worn-Out Tools aren't great. 

Not only can a Broken Key not be used to open a closed hatch, Broken Keys only have 10 seconds worth of charge, making them a poorer choice than the Rainbow Key for equipping add-ons. 

What Items Should I Use In Dead By Daylight?

Depending on your playstyle, you might choose to use different items in Dead by Daylight. For example, if you love to engage in chases and run the killer for as long as you can, a Flashlight may be for you. If you tend to get injured and run into a corner to heal, a med-kit is a better alternative.

Some perks also work well with certain items. Using Detective Tapp's Detective Hunch, for example, will reveal to you almost every relevant objective in the trial at all times using a map.

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