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Dead By Daylight Disconnect Penalty Times and Reset Explained

How long is Dead by Daylight's disconnect penalty? Let's take a look.
Dead By Daylight Disconnect Penalty Times and Reset Explained
Behaviour Interactive

In competitive games like Dead by Daylight, good sportsmanship is critical, meaning that developers don't want to encourage players to leave in the middle of a trial and leave other players without a fair match. To combat this, Behaviour Interactive implemented a DC penalty for survivors and killers who quit mid-match. So what is Dead by Daylight's disconnect penalty, and how does it work? In this article, we'll explain how DBD's disconnect penalties function, as well as how long they are.

What is Dead By Daylight's Disconnect Penalty?

When players disconnect in the middle of a Dead by Daylight game, they will receive a disconnect penalty, which prevents them from being able to immediately join another game.

These penalties help discourage players from disconnecting in a frustrating match, and instead stick it out until the end. It also gives "players who are already in a negative mental state a chance to cool down" between matches, developers say. 

dead by daylight disconnect
Some Dead by Daylight players may disconnect when frustrated, but the penalty discourages it. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

How Long Is Dead By Daylight's Disconnect Penalty?

Disconnect penalties increase depending on the number of times you disconnect. One mid-match disconnect will only leave you waiting for a few minutes before you can queue up for another match, while continuous disconnects might result in you having to wait several days before playing DBD again. 

Here's how long your DBD disconnect penalty will be depending on how many times you've disconnected in the past 12 hours:

Number Of Times Disconnected DBD Disconnect Penalty
1 1 minute
2 5 minutes
3 15 minutes
4 30 minutes
5 1 hour
6 6 hours
7 24 hours

Your disconnect penalty counter will reset after 12 hours; in other words, 12 hours after you receive your most recent penalty, you'll have a clean slate.

What Counts As A Disconnect In Dead By Daylight?

According to DBD's FAQ, internet-related DCs are included in the count when it comes to disconnecting penalties. If you leave a match, it counts as a disconnect, no matter the reason. Grounds for a disconnect penalty might include:

  • Turning off or unplugging your console or PC
  • Disconnecting your internet
  • Closing Dead by Daylight
  • Leaving a trial through the in-game menu's "leave match" button

That's how disconnect penalties work in Dead by Daylight, including how long they are, and what counts as a disconnect. These rules ensure that the game is fair for everyone on both sides, and they discourage both killers and survivors from leaving when things get challenging.

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