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Is DBD Down? Dead By Daylight Server Status

Not able to play Dead by Daylight? Here is how to check the DBD server status as it might be down.
Is DBD Down? Dead By Daylight Server Status

Just like other games, Dead by Daylight might experience issues and bugs which can ruin players' gameplay experience. Currently, a lot of players are reporting outage issues on all platforms, and there could be various reasons for it.

There might be a problem on their side, or the in-game servers might be facing technical issues, or there may be scheduled maintenance going on that is not letting you play the game. Here is how you can check if Dead by Daylight is down and its server status.

Is DBD Down? How to Check Dead by Daylight Server Status

Dead by Daylight Server Status.
Dead by Daylight Server Status. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

At the moment, No, Dead by Daylight is not down and the last time its servers were offline was on March 14. 

Thus, there is a possibility that the problem is on your side. To fix it, you should check if your internet connection is working fine or not. In addition to this, make sure that your game is updated to its latest version and that the graphics drivers are up to date.

In order to keep track of Dead by Daylight server status, you should follow the official Twitter handle of the game, and you can also keep an eye on websites like Downdetector.

However, if there will be any sort of issue experienced by players, Behaviour Interactive will definitely update the community about it via DBD's Twitter handle.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.