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Dead By Daylight Error Code 8012: How To Fix

Is pesky Error 8012 preventing you from playing Dead by Daylight? Here is how to fix the problem.
Dead By Daylight Error Code 8012: How To Fix

So you've revved up Dead by Daylight, you have the perfect build in mind, and you're ready to load into a match as a terrifying killer or a hopeful survivor... but before you can even enter The Fog, you're faced with Error Code 8012.  Yikes! 

Running into an error code while playing Dead by Daylight might just be scarier than coming face-to-face with the killer, as you're frantically searching the internet trying to figure out how to solve the issue and get back to playing your favorite game again.

Fret not, though, as you won't need a Med-kit to patch up this problem. Here's how to solve Error Code 8012 in Dead by Daylight so you can get back to your gaming sessions in The Fog.

Update 9 August 2023 - We've updated this article with the newest ways to fix Error 8012.

How To Fix Error Code 8012 In Dead By Daylight

dead by daylight error
Running into Dead by Daylight Error Code 8012 can be frustrating when you're trying to enjoy a match as survivor or killer. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

In Dead by Daylight, Error Code 8012 is a server-side error. In other words, the issue on the developers' end and is not due to issues with your PC or your internet connection. Instead, it is a problem with Behaviour Interactive's servers.

There is nothing you can do to solve Error Code 8012 on your own since it happens to be a server-side problem. You will need to wait until Behaviour Interactive solves the problem with the servers and brings them back up if you want to play Dead by Daylight again.

That said, you can determine whether other players are running into the same issue in the meantime. Sites like Downdetector allow you to report the error, as well as see reports from other players who have shared their own plights.

downdetector dead by daylight
Players can check DownDetector to check whether Dead by Daylight is down for everyone. (Picture: DownDetector.com)

If you don't want to manually check whether Dead by Daylight's servers are back up, you can keep up with the official Dead by Daylight Twitter page for updates. The Behaviour Interactive team typically makes a post whenever players start reporting that they are facing Error 8012, as well as when the issue is solved.

Running into Error 8012 while playing Dead by Daylight can give you a headache, especially if you've tried restarting the game - and even your computer - and you're still running into problems. Unfortunately, no troubleshooting on your end will be able to solve Error 8012 for you; you'll need to wait for Behaviour to patch things up.

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