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Dead By Daylight Offers First Look At Game-Changing Survivor Action Icons

Dead by Daylight offered fans a first look at some brand new survivor action icons that will turn any team into a SWF.
Dead By Daylight Offers First Look At Game-Changing Survivor Action Icons

Dead by Daylight developers Behaviour Interactive have mentioned in previous patch notes that new game-changing features for survivors are over the horizon, including brand new survivor action icons that will allow members of the team to view the current actions of other survivors. Just recently, the Behaviour team offered fans a first look at the new feature.

Here is everything we know so far about the upcoming survivor action icons, including the photos posted on the Dead by Daylight Twitter account.

Dead By Daylight Teases Survivor Action Icons

dead by daylight action icons
Dead by Daylight teased new survivor action icons in a recent Twitter post. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

One longstanding issue in Dead by Daylight is that teams of four, often called "survive with friends" or SWF groups, have an advantage over solo survivors thanks to their heightened communication abilities. While friends playing together can call out the killers' location over Discord or another platform, solo survivors are left to their senses and perks to help them avoid the killer and find objectives. Naturally, this can impact a survivor's decision-making skills during a match.

On December 19, Behaviour Interactive teased a screenshot of their long-anticipated action indicators for the survivor team. According to the tweet, players can look forward to indicators letting them know if their teammates are repairing generators, cleansing totems, or opening chests. Although, it isn't clear if more icons will be included as well in the upcoming update.

For survivors, this means that even in solo queue matches, you will always be aware of what your teammates are-- or aren't, doing. If someone is on the hook or you're in a chase, knowing which of your fellow survivors are working on generators can be crucial. Or, if the killer turns up with the infamous perk No One Escapes Death at the end of your match, knowing that your friend is cleansing a totem can give you the information you need to pull off an end-game save.

dead by daylight survivor icons
Survivor action icons will allow solo queue survivors to get a look at what their teammates are doing (hopefully generators!) (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

As of December 21, there has been no announcement of a release date for this patch from Behaviour, but it's likely that you can look forward to seeing these graphics in-game in early 2023. Even though we aren't sure exactly when these new icons are coming to DBD, we are sure that this update will be a smash hit for all of Dead by Daylight's survivor mains.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.