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Dead By Daylight's First Transgender Character Coming Soon

Dead by Daylight is getting its first transgender character in the form of a licensed skin.
Dead By Daylight's First Transgender Character Coming Soon
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight is getting its very first transgender representation in the form of a legendary cosmetic for Renato Lyra which will transform the character into Tubarão from Rainbow Six Siege.

Tubarão, who is from Portugal, is a trans man and is Rainbow Six Siege's 35th defender. In Rainbow Six Siege, Tubarão can use his throwable devices, the Zoto Canisters, to slow down opponents. He isn't yet playable in Rainbow Six Siege or Dead by Daylight, but he'll be released later this month.

While Tubarão is Dead by Daylight's first trans representation, he isn't Rainbow Six Siege's first; they introduced a trans woman character known as Osa back in 2021. 

Though Tubarão is Dead by Daylight's first trans character, he isn't the game's first LGBTQIA+ individual. Developers confirmed that survivor David King is gay last year, and even delved into his identity and relationships in the Archives.

Developers have further shown their support for the LGBTQ community by creating a series of pride flag charms that players can redeem for free, forever. Behaviour also hosts an annual Into The Rainbow tournament on Twitch and YouTube during Pride Month.

Perhaps Tubarão's introduction into The Fog could open the door for more LGBTQ representation in Dead by Daylight - maybe even an original trans character from Behaviour?

Whether coincidence or not, the announcement of Renato Lyra's new legendary cosmetic, Tubarão, occurred on the first day of Transgender Awareness Week 2023, a celebration prior to the Transgender Day of Remembrance on 20 November.

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