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Dead by Daylight confirms first LGBTQ character

Dead by Daylight has revealed its first-ever LGBTQ character, David King, who will star in Tome 11: Devotion.
Dead by Daylight confirms first LGBTQ character

The Dead by Daylight team announced in mid-2021 that an LGBTQ character was coming to the game, prompting many fans to speculate about the identity of this unnamed character.

On 27th April 2022, Behaviour Interactive confirmed that the popular survivor character David King is gay. This makes him the first confirmed LGBTQ character in Dead by Daylight. King will also have new related stories in the games' Archives.

Here's everything we currently know about the announcement, what it means for fans, and a free pride flag code provided by Behaviour.

David King revealed to be LGBTQ

Survivor David King will star in Tome 11: Devotion, which will reveal secrets about his past. (Image: Behaviour Interactive)

Following the announcement, David King will star in the Archives' Tome 11: Devotion, which will explore the more personal side of his identity before entering the game's Fog.

Tome 11: Devotion will release on 28th April 2022. The announcement about King's sexuality comes a few months after Behaviour Interactive said that they would eventually add an LGBTQ character to the game, and wanted to avoid stereotypes or bias.

"One of the cornerstones of that community are our LGBTQQIA2+ players, who continue to elevate Dead by Daylight with their tireless passion for horror, gaming, and of course – horror gaming," Behaviour Interactive team wrote in a press release. "The fact that our character roster did not openly feature any confirmed LGBTQQIA2+ representation was something we have been determined to change."

Behaviour Interactive wanted to ensure that they represented King and his identity accurately, so they worked with Gaymer X, a non-profit dedicated to LGBTQ representation in games, to make sure they got it right.

"Upon consulting extensively with the GaymerX organization, who shared their expertise at integrating LGBTQQIA2+ themes into established games, we felt confident in our chosen direction," Behaviour Interactive's team wrote.

Dead by Daylight 2022 Pride Code

The new progress flag charm will join the existing rainbow flag charm in the game. (Image: Behaviour Interactive)

With the release of Tome 11 and the announcement about David also comes a new charm code. Players can enter the following code to receive an LGBTQ pride-related reward:

  • PRIDE2022 - Rainbow pride flag charm and Progress flag charm

Those who have already entered the original PRIDE code will still receive the new progress flag charm if they enter this code.

That's everything we currently know about Dead by Daylight's first LGBTQ character, David King, and his involvement in Tome 11: Devotion.

We'll be sure to keep you up with Dead by Daylight news, including related guides and tips to take your experience to the next level. Make sure to check back with GINX throughout the coming weeks and months.


Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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