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Dead by Daylight's Newest Map Is Now Better For Killers

Dead by Daylight's Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Ruins map got a major update that makes it better for killers.
Dead by Daylight's Newest Map Is Now Better For Killers
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's v8.0.2 patch notes were chock-full of bug fixes and quality of life improvements - but also among them are some pretty major, and much-needed, changes to the game's newest Dungeons & Dragons map, Forgotten Ruins. The updates make it easier for killers to traverse the landscape and avoid losing hooks.

The map is unique in that it has a largely vertical, rather than horizontal, layout. This means that survivors and killers alike will spend a lot of time downstairs in the dungeon on this map, which can cause issues for players on both sides who are used to playing on more horizontal maps.

Heading downstairs leaves lots of distance between killers and hooks (which are mostly outdoors), giving room for survivors to wiggle out - but it's also extremely tight quarters, making it easier for killers to catch survivors and harder to hide. The update ensures that at least 4 hooks will be available in the map's dungeon, making sure that killers are not left without a place to hook survivors. 

forgotten ruins
Some of the Forgotten Ruins map is outside, but most is indoors. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The map also got updates to a new mechanic, Passages, which are essentially portals to other parts of the map. Walking through a Passage can take some time, and using one can make the difference between winning or losing a change. The update not only moved Passage locations away from vaults and pallets, but also changed the time it takes to go through a Passage. That traversal time is slightly longer now for survivors but shorter for killers, giving them an opportunity to catch any survivors who try to escape.

Dead by Daylight's Forgotten Ruins map is a lot different from many of the game's existing maps, meaning that even experienced players can run into a pretty big learning curve. However, the new v.8.0.2 patch notes make some great changes to the map, hopefully making it fairer and easier for killers. It's possible that the Forgotten Ruins map could see even more changes in the near future as developers continue to try to find the perfect balance.

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