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Dungeons & Dragons Is Coming To Dead by Daylight

Dungeons & Dragons is coming to the Fog, a new Dead by Daylight trailer suggests.
Dungeons & Dragons Is Coming To Dead by Daylight
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dungeons & Dragons is coming to Dead by Daylight, according to a new trailer by Behaviour Interactive. The brief 20-second trailer doesn't tip players off to whom the killer or survivor in this collab may be - or if we'll even get a full chapter at all - but it does confirm that the iconic tabletop game will come to the Fog in some capacity.

There are tons of villains for Dead by Daylight to choose from in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, ranging from the massive dragon Ashardalon to the five-headed dragon Tiamat, to Vecna - and, of course, endless survivors to pick from. It's very possible that Dead by Daylight's developers could choose to include some iconic characters from the DND universe in Dead by Daylight, or even introduce them as skins for existing characters.

Dungeons & Dragons would be the first franchise to bring magic to Dead by Daylight, outside of the game's own original character, Mikaela Reid. Mikaela is able to use magic through her unique Boon perks.

While DND isn't in Dead by Daylight quite yet, it's likely coming soon. Dead by Daylight's Dungeons & Dragons trailer promises that more information is coming on 14 May, the date of the anniversary stream and the next PTB. This could mean that DND is part of the next PTB - but either way, it means that fans won't have to wait much longer to learn what's in store for Dead by Daylight's DND collab, whether it's a new killer and survivor, or cosmetics for existing characters.


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