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Is Frank Stone Actually 'The Trapper' From Dead By Daylight

With the announcement of The Casting of Frank Stone, players have noticed his resemblance to The Trapper.
Is Frank Stone Actually 'The Trapper' From Dead By Daylight
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Could Frank Stone really be Dead by Daylight's Trapper? Following the announcement of Supermassive Games' and Behaviour Interactive's new game set in the DBD universe, The Casting of Frank Stone, some speculate that this new character might actually be a killer we know very well, The Trapper.

So why do people think The Trapper is Frank Stone?

The Trapper is one of Dead by Daylight's most iconic original killers, and was the game's first; he's the face (or should we say the "mask"?) of Dead by Daylight, on the game's cover and in nearly all of its promotional materials. While visually iconic, he also plays a major role in the game's lore. With the real name Evan MacMillan, The Trapper is part of the deadly MacMillan family, a wealthy family who has killed for their riches. After finding this out, Evan snapped.

dead by daylight trapper
Some speculate that Frank Stone is actually The Trapper. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Evan MacMillan and Frank Stone bear some physical similarities, with Frank Stone's (assuming that's him on the game's cover) mask having sharp openings around the mouth, reminiscent of Trapper's mask.

Also, both have families with a history of terror and murder. In The Casting of Frank Stone's game description, Stone is described as "loom[ing] over Cedar Hills, a town forever altered by his violent past." This brings to mind The Trapper's violent past, though it was hardly MacMillan's choice.

But why do the two have different names? The Trapper's official name is Evan MacMillan, as we've mentioned - with no mention of the Stones, much less any Frank Stone, in his existing lore. Perhaps Frank Stone could be his alias, or just someone related to him.

For now, there's no word on whether Frank Stone is actually The Trapper, but either Dead by Daylight or The Casting of Frank Stone could provide a little more insight to this possibility in their lore. If Frank Stone isn't actually Evan MacMillan, and instead a different individual altogether, it's possible that Stone could be added to Dead by Daylight as a killer himself.

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