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Dead By Daylight Ghost Face Chapter Review

Is Dead by Daylight's Ghost Face still worth buying
Dead By Daylight Ghost Face Chapter Review
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Ghost Face is one of Dead by Daylight's most iconic "licensed" characters - okay, he's not technically the licensed Scream version of Ghost Face, but he comes pretty close (in appearance, at least). Dead by Daylight's own version of Ghost Face is known as Jed Olsen or Danny Johnson, and he's able to stalk survivors from a distance before inflicting them with the Exposed status effect. As the only character in the Ghost Face DLC, Danny Johnson joined the Fog all alone. However, that was some time ago, and you may be wondering whether it's still worth buying in 2023. Here's our review.

ghost face dead by daylight
Ghost Face is by far one of Dead by Daylight's most iconic killers. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead By Daylight Ghost Face Chapter Review

The Dead by Daylight Ghost Face chapter is certainly an interesting one, given that it brings one of horror's most iconic "ghost" faces into the fog - but without a survivor or map. This was the first time DBD ever published a paragraph chapter of this nature, but it proved to work pretty well for them - it was followed by the Hellraiser chapter, which also only included one killer, followed up again by the upcoming Chucky chapter.

Despite this DLC containing only one character, there are still plenty of things that will no doubt draw fans in. Some will want to purchase Ghost Face just because, well, he's Ghost Face. He's the only killer in the game who can crouch back at survivors, giving him a unique personality, and he dons his iconic mask. There are also various purchasable cosmetics for Ghost Face, putting a modern spin on his traditional black cloak and allowing you to further express your personality through this killer.

Ghost Face Ability & Gameplay

While Ghost Face's appearance and ability are both iconic, that doesn't mean his power is particularly strong. He's able to inflict survivors with the Exposed status effect, but he'll need to Stalk them using his stealth ability without survivors spotting him in order for that to happen. Experienced survivors know how to counter a good Ghost Face and knock  him out of his ability, so your success as this killer will depend pretty heavily on survivors' own skill sets.

So, while Ghost Face's ability may seem appealing to beginners thanks to its seemingly simple mechanics, it actually has quite a high skill ceiling and might frustrate newer players who want to play as their favorite character.

Ghost Face Perks

Like all other killers in Dead by Daylight, Ghost Face boasts his own three teachable perks. They include:

  • I'm All Ears - Allows you to see survivors' auras when they vault near you, with a 40-second cooldown.
  • Thrilling Tremors - When you pick up a survivor, see all generators not being worked on highlighted in white, and block them for 16 seconds. This perk has a 60-second cooldown.
  • Furtive Chase - Hooking your Obsession grants you the Undetectable and 5% Haste status effects for 18 seconds, with whomever unhooks the Obsession becoming the new Obsession.

All three of Ghost Face's perks are powerful in the right scenarios; I'm All Ears can help you land some incredible "wall-hack" style hits on killers like Pyramid Head/The Executioner, while Thrilling Tremors is an all-around good information and generator slowdown perk for most killers. Furtive Chase was recently buffed to its recent state, now granting the killer more buffs than before and making it much more commonly used.

Ghost Face's perks have been heavily tweaked since his release, allowing him to stand up to the test of time, remain integral in the game's meta, and serve as the key for many good killer builds.

Dead By Daylight Ghost Face Chapter Review Verdict

Ghost Face entered the Fog on his own, leaving his power and perks to speak for themselves as the only character in this chapter. While his power might frustrate beginners, it has a relatively high skill ceiling, and it's fun to be able to express yourself given this killer's vibrant personality (and ability to crouch back).

His perks are also must-haves for players of all skill levels, making the Ghost Face chapter a no-brainer at just $4.99 for the character.

Rating: 8/10

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