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How to Mori in Dead by Daylight

Need to kill a survivor by your own hand? Here's how to perform a Mori kill in Dead by Daylight.
How to Mori in Dead by Daylight

Memento Moris are arguably one of the most iconic aspects of the popular asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight, allowing killers to kill survivors by their own hand.

Each killer has a unique Mori animation styled to their personality, making their final moments with a survivor during a Mori extra special.

If you want to get in on the thrills and chills for yourself, you'll definitely want to read on and learn how to perform a Mori in Dead by Daylight.

1 June 2023 - We've updated this article with information about the upcoming Mori Rework in 2023! Stay tuned for more!

How Do You Mori In Dead By Daylight?

dead by daylight mori kill
To complete a Mori kill in Dead by Daylight, you'll need to bring an offering. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

In order to Mori a survivor in Dead by Daylight, you'll need to bring along one of three Mori offerings in your loadout at the start of the trial.

You can choose from the following offerings:

  • Cypress Memento Mori - Grants the ability to kill the last remaining Survivor in the Trial in the Dying State.
  • Ivory Memento Mori - Grants the ability to kill one Survivor in the Dying State, who has progressed two Hook Stages.
  • Ebony Memento Mori - Grants the ability to kill all Survivors in the Dying State, who have progressed two Hook Stages.

Once you've fulfilled the requirements for your Mori offering - either downing the last survivor or downing a survivor who has reached the second hook state, depending on your offering - you can perform your Mori.

To do so, just walk up to the survivor on the ground and a Mori prompt will appear.

Other Ways To Mori In Dead By Daylight

bubba dead by daylight mori killer
Some killers, like The Executioner, The Onryo, The Pig, and The Shape, have built-in Moris. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

While offerings are by far the most common and easiest way to Mori survivors, there are other ways to kill them by your own hand.

Perk Moris

You can use the help of the perks Hex: Devour Hope and/or Rancor, each of which allows you to perform a Mori at certain points in the match.

For Hex Devour Hope, you'll need to gain five stacks on your hex; then you will be able to down and Mori any survivors of your choice until the totem is cleansed.

Rancor, on the other hand, allows you to Mori the Obsession after the exit gates are powered.

Built-In Killer Mori's

Some killers also have a built-in killer Mori, allowing them to kill a survivor using only their basic powers.

The Executioner, also known as Pyramid Head, can instantly Mori survivors who have reached their second hook and are inflicted by his Torment.

The Onryo can instantly Mori survivors who are fully Condemned.

The Pig and The Shape also both have an unorthodox built-in Mori of some sort. When The Pig secures a kill thanks to her reverse bear traps, this counts as a Mori. The Shape can use add-ons to instantly kill even healthy survivors once he reaches Tier 3 Evil Within.

And that's all you need to do in order to Mori a survivor in Dead by Daylight. Keep in mind that the Mori system is changing soon, so be sure to check out our article on the new upcoming Finishing Mori system for more.

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