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Dead By Daylight Iron Maiden Collection Announced

Dead by Daylight and Iron Maiden are teaming up to release a brand-new cosmetic collection.
Dead By Daylight Iron Maiden Collection Announced

Iron Maiden (yes, the band, not the killer perk!) is the newest partner to join Dead by Daylight's growing list of cosmetic collections, with a series of upcoming Iron Maiden-themed cosmetics soon being added to the Fog. Behaviour Interactive announced the collaboration during the DBD 7th-anniversary livestream, amidst many other major updates and new content coming to the game.

Behaviour Interactive is no stranger to adding licensed cosmetic collections - from the game's many Resident Evil skins to a Silent Hill collection featuring Princess Heart Cheryl Mason, and more - but Behaviour Interactive's partnership with Iron Maiden is the first to feature a musical artist.

This wouldn't be Dead by Daylight's first time honoring the heavy metal genre, though, with much of survivor Jeff Johansen's lore centering around his love for heavy metal and many of his cosmetics - such as his Black Metal outfit - drawing on the same themes.

According to Behavior Interactive, the Iron Maiden Collection has been inspired by Eddie, the band’s demonic figurehead which has appeared on the group’s album artwork numerous times.

Iron Maiden album covers
The Iron Maiden Collection will be inspired by the band's mascot, Eddie

When Is The Dead By Daylight Iron Maiden Collection Coming Out?

The Dead by Daylight Iron Maiden cosmetic collection was announced during the 7th-anniversary livestream but didn't come with an official date for the launch of the collection.

It's likely that the Iron Maiden cosmetics will be coming to the store pretty soon though. We can't imagine we'll be waiting months after this recent announcement.

Heavy metal fans will no doubt be excited that Iron Maiden cosmetics are coming to Dead by Daylight, allowing players to show their love for their favorite band in the game. We'll update this article with more information as soon as it is available.

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