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Does Dead By Daylight Support Keyboard and Mouse On Console?

Will DBD ever add keyboard and mouse support? Here's the latest.
Does Dead By Daylight Support Keyboard and Mouse On Console?
Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch, with PC players using their keyboard and mouse to provide input while console players naturally use a controller. However, while many players on console prefer to use their console's native controller, some may want to explore the possibility of playing with a keyboard and mouse, especially if they've already become comfortable with the precise input of a mouse.

So, the question arises - can Dead by Daylight players use their keyboard and mouse to play on their console? In this guide, we'll explain whether this is an option.

Does Dead By Daylight Have Keyboard And Mouse Support On Consoles?

dead by daylight keyboard
DBD players on console cannot use a keyboard and mouse to play. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Unfortunately, no, Dead by Daylight does not support playing with a keyboard and mouse on consoles. Even if your console offers support for a keyboard and mouse, it isn't available in Dead by Daylight specifically. There's no way to enable this feature, unfortunately.

Dead by Daylight's FAQ very briefly responds to players' requests for keyboard and mouse support on console platforms, stating, "This is not something that is currently planned." This means that the feature likely isn't coming any time soon unless developers happen to say otherwise. It's also not included in the Year 8 Roadmap.

Adding keyboard and mouse support for Dead by Daylight on consoles would require a decent bit of time and effort from developers, as well as a UI update for DBD.

Some players have attempted to get around the lack of support by using adapters for their keyboard and mouse, but few or none have found success - while you may be able to move around in-game, you won't be able to use your powers as killer or interact with objects as Survivor.

This makes the game pretty much pointless, as you won't only be prevented from vaulting through windows and evading the killer, but you also won't be able to interact with generators. On the killer side of things, you won't be able you use your ability or injure survivors... you'll just have to stand there menacingly.

Unfortunately, keyboard and mouse support for Dead by Daylight isn't offered on consoles. If you want to use your keyboard and mouse, you'll need to play Dead by Daylight on a PC, as consoles only offer controller support.