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Lara Croft's DBD Perks perfectly counter the killer meta

New survivor Lara Croft's perks perfectly counter the existing DBD killer meta.
Lara Croft's DBD Perks perfectly counter the killer meta
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's newest survivor is Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, coming 16 July and bringing with her three new perks: Finesse, Hardened, and Specialist. These new perks put the Tomb Raider icon in a great position against some of the game's strongest killer meta perks, making her an interesting, powerful, and thoughtful addition to the game who's true to the title of her source, the "Survivor" trilogy. 

Finesse isn't the most game-changing, but it's still a solid chase perk, granting you some extra vault speed in chase. It definitely synergizes well with other perks, but where Lara Croft really shines is with her Hardened and Specialist perks.

Hardened is perhaps Lara Croft's best perk and provides an excellent counter to killer perks that cause the survivor to scream. After unlocking a chest and blessing or cleansing a totem, it activates, causing you to reveal the Killer's aura for 5 seconds rather than screaming. It's similar to Jake Park's perk Calm Spirit - which silences survivors' screams - but has the added benefit of letting you see the killer's aura. Unlike Calm Spirit, though, it has a cost to activate it initially.

Silencing your screams as a survivor is critical to winning games against killers using perks that cause screaming, or when you're up against The Doctor. While Calm Spirit has always been many players' go-to when they fear strong perks like Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance, Hardened provides a great alternative and just might switch up the survivor meta a bit.

Specialist lets players gain up to 3 Tokens by unlocking Chests, and then use those Tokens to reduce the Repair Charges requirement of Generators by up to 12 charges. This can be pretty a pretty massive buff for survivors, and, when stacked with other perks and resources like Toolboxes that can increase the repair speed of Generators, it can easily help you win the game.

Lara Croft is known for her survival skills - and she brings all of her expertise to Dead by Daylight's Fog with some of the best perks on the survivor side of the game. So far, she looks like a well-rounded addition to the game, and we're excited to see how she plays on the PTB.

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