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Top 5 Loudest Survivors In Dead By Daylight

These are Dead by Daylight's top 5 loudest survivors.
Top 5 Loudest Survivors In Dead By Daylight
Behaviour Interactive

Staying quiet is important as a survivor in Dead by Daylight; there's nothing worse than thinking you've found the perfect hiding spot when suddenly your grunts of pain or even breathing tip off your location to the killer. Some survivors are louder than others, even when it comes to their breathing and idle noises; these differences might seem minor, but they can make the difference between sneakily hiding from the killer and meeting your certain death.

If you're trying to play DBD in the most strategic way possible, you'll ideally want to choose a survivor who isn't loud. Here are the top 5 loudest survivors in Dead by Daylight to help you make your decision.

Top 5 Loudest Survivors In Dead By Daylight

leon kennedy dead by daylight
Leon Kennedy is one of Dead by Daylight's noisiest survivors. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

1. Jeff Johansen

If you've ever played Jeff Johansen yourself or even played alongside another survivor playing him, you'll know how loud this character is. Jeff coughs and cries out when he's injured more loudly than other survivors, making him easy to hear even when he's trying to remain stealthy. He also has a pretty loud scream on the hook. 

2. Bill Overbeck

Bill Overbeck is one of the loudest Dead by Daylight survivors by virtue of his constant coughing throughout the match; not only does he groan in pain but he also coughs repeatedly, similarly to Jeff. These loud noises can easily draw the killer's attention.

3. Leon Kennedy

Resident Evil survivor Leon Kennedy is so loud in-game that some Reddit users say they've stopped playing the character because of his loud grunts of pain. Whether he's injured, going down, or placed on the hook, Leon is loud - but it's especially detrimental to Leon players in the injured state, as killers can more easily find them and down them. If you're a Leon main, best make Iron Will a permanent part of your build.

4. Renato Lyra

Renato Lyra is one of Dead by Daylight's newest additions to the survivor roster, and he is also one of the loudest survivors. One Reddit user joked that you can hear him screaming "into the next match," considering his hook screams are so loud. This makes him a poor choice for stealth builds unless a player wants to equip Iron Will.

5. Nicolas Cage

One of Dead by Daylight's most eccentric characters, Nicolas Cage, is probably the loudest survivor in the game. Not only does he scream loudly when placed on the hook, but he also huffs loudly when injured, making him easily detectable by the killer. He also speaks throughout the match, including when healing other survivors, blowing up a generator, or being chased by the killer. To quote in-game Cage himself, "The boogeyman is coming because I made a big noise and I’m very sorry..."

Those are the loudest survivors in Dead by Daylight. If you want to stay quiet and avoid the killer, you might want to avoid playing these particular characters in your next trial.

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