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Dead By Daylight Mobile July 2022 Update - New Features, Modes

The NetEase Dead by Daylight Mobile July 2022 Update features lots of great additions. Here is every change and new feature that was announced this month.
Dead By Daylight Mobile July 2022 Update - New Features, Modes

Dead by Daylight - NetEase is the mobile version of Dead by Daylight available for players in Southeast Asia and Japan. The game features some key differences from the main Dead by Daylight, offering brand new moris, cosmetics, and designs. 

Here are all of the changes and updates coming in NetEase's Dead by Daylight Mobile July 2022 Update, announced on 29th June 2022 and coming to the app this month. 

NetEase Dead by Daylight Mobile July 2022 Update

Dead by Daylight NetEase
Dead by Daylight Mobile - NetEase's July 2022 update will feature major changes. (Picture: NetEase)

Note that these changes will only be available in the NetEase version of Dead by Daylight Mobile, available in Southeast Asia and Japan, and will not be available in other regions.

Graphical Updates

Developers have improved the game's graphics significantly, with new physics for clothing and hair, as well as new shading and a visual overhaul.  

The Rift

The Rift is available in the PC version of Dead by Daylight, and it's essentially the game's version of a Battle Pass. Both free and premium tracks are available, encouraging players to pay for better rewards but rewarding all players for enjoying the game.

Now, the Rift is coming to NetEase Dead by Daylight Mobile, complete with 80 tiers each season.

Social Features

NetEase Dead by Daylight Mobile is adding a number of social features to make it easier to bond and communicate with other players. 

With seasonal leaderboards, players can compete against other players to win more matches or each more Charisma. 

Squads will allow players to join groups of other players, and a new chat feature will make it simple to communicate with them. Squads will even earn bonus Bloodpoints for playing together.

Player Profile Customization

Players will now be able to upload avatars to their profile or choose from a number of avatars provided by NetEase.

You can decorate your profile with frames and trophies, and help other players understand your playstyle, skill level, and personality with profile tags.

New Game Mode

Dead by Daylight Legion game mode
The game will feature a brand new casual game mode. (Picture: NetEase)

NetEase Dead by Daylight Mobile is introducing Quick Match, a new non-competitive game mode that will not affect players' ranks. This is great for players who are looking for a more casual match.

The Entity's Treasure

The Entity's Treasure is a new gatcha that allows players to draw for cosmetics. For 200 Auric Cells, players can draw a cosmetic, and will earn either a Standard or Special Limited-Time reward. 

Duplicates will allow players to earn Entity Coins, which can be traded in for Platinum versions of each outfit, or a unique Memento Mori for particular killers.

Other Changes

In addition to the listed updates, even more changes are coming to NetEase Dead by Daylight Mobile in the near future.

You can look forward to changes and updates to the following features:

  • Custom Matches 
  • Tutorial & New Player Experience
  • In-Game Controls 
  • Quality of Life for Rank 1 Players 
  • Report System & In-Game Chat 
  • Anti-cheat mechanisms 

Note that while players will keep all of their cosmetics, perks, and other items earned after the update, ranks will be reset.

And that's all. For more Dead by Daylight guides, tips, news, and leaks, be sure to check out our dedicated category.


Featured image courtesy of NetEase.